Flashy phone charm implant?

I had a thought on the way to work today.
Those of us old enough will remember in the late 90s to turn of the century, we all had flashing charms or keyrings for our nokia 5110s that would flash like crazy when you were getting a call.

Were they powered by batteries? If not, what would the feasibility be of an implant version?

I quite like the idea of a blinky but feel like I wouldnt see enough blinking in everyday use. But those thinks blinked a lot!

Is this the blinky that you are referring to?

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Fun article about the ones I had


Here’s a video from big clive on those


Ah so it was a 2G thing then. I did have a flashy aerial too. Interesting rabbit hole of reminiscence anyway. Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

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Yeah and it would drastically fuck your battery life because your phone would lose so much tx power making it to the tower that it would ramp up power output to maximum at all times, even if you were standing right next to a tower. Phones would get hot and batteries would wilt.

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Yep but it was ok because you could just pop your battery off the back and switch it with your friends. Strange times indeed.


Indeed, user replaceable batteries were the norm for everything. Why phones moved away from this is Apple’s fault. Gotta keep old phones from staying useful somehow.