Flex Desfire EV2 , Android, Anwendungen

My name is Thomas. I’m from Hannover and work with a piercer.
In addition to the NeXT, a Vivokey Spark, I now have a Flex Desfire EV2 in my hand.
We used the EV2 with a 4G needle.
With which Android program you can now best access and describe. For the EV1 there is one of Mifare.
What does it take as a beginner to get on with the EV2?

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I’m glad you had a good experience with implantation. A good app to write to the xDF2 is called TagWriter

The DESFire chips are nice. They have expanded capabilities and more memory. Many of the expanded functions, like having multiple “applications” with unique AIDs, require much background knowledge and are used for pretty specific situations.

I’m glad you got your answer.


To expand on your comment, you didn’t happen to to record your your needle flex installation? and willing to share it?
Just curious, because that’s how I plan to do the Vivokey Flex One when it is released.

We made 2 videos of it. One where we make the bag with the needle. Then we pressed a swab on the wound for about 3-4 minutes. So it has hardly bled then. In the second video, the Flex EV2 is simply inserted. Finally, we closed the wound in the middle with a seam and stuck a plaster on the wound.
Here is the link to the videos.


Thanks very much for sharing.
I have a couple more questions:-

Excuse my ignorance, what is a seam?
Is it a type of suture or butterfly strip?

In another thread, Aamal talks about inconsistencies around needle gauges, was the 4G you used,the same as “The 4G needles we recommend using to make the incision and subdermal pocketing for Flex device installations have an outer diameter of 5.1mm”?

Yes is a skin suture.
and yes is a 5,1mm needle from Amal


Wow, thanks for sharing. That looked like it sucked, but probably not as much as the scalpel/dermal elevator procedure. You get much more control with the needle. I would be worried about a flex install on the hand, but that seemed to go very smoothly for you. Smart idea to staunch the bleeding for a few minutes before inserting.

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Hi Thomas! Just FYI we are making custom 4g (5mm) 80mm long needles with laser depth markers for our partners to use for flex installs :wink:

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Hey @amal

are these going to be on the DT implements page also?

I honestly think that would be in direct conflict with our statement that we do not supply DIY kits or tools… know what I mean?

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I know how this looks alongside us selling scalpels and other what-nots there… ugh… maybe.

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You are of course correct, and I understand your confliction but at least you would be providing the APPROPRIATE and sterile tools…

Not sure what you are planning in the way of Needle and Obviously, you still need to make the hole first, BUT
Would something like this
Be better for making the actual pocket?
It has a much less aggressive bevel so less trauma for the implantee???

That is called a “receiving tube”… it could be used to actually make the pocket, but honestly it would be literally pulling tissue apart to get in there, and once removed, the tissue would sponge back into place. Imagine that you are trying to pull a giant sheet of rubber apart instead of cut it… you pull on it and it expands and expands until finally it rips a bit in the middle, then you release your grip and that whole sheet comes shrinking back while the tear collapses into basically nothing. The distance you had to pull it in order to make a tiny little tear was exponential to the tear itself, and when you let go, everything shrunk back down. That’s pretty close to how tissue behaves. The cutting edges of the 4G needle are actually necessary to create a pocket without too much pushing around of the tissue.

Thanks for that; if I was doing it on my own, that’s how I would have tried to do it.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge :+1:

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Can you send me any price list or a link where I can order?
My email Thomas-reich@web.de

Have you looked at getting yourselves on the Partners map
I see you are in Hanover but not listed

No we are not listed on this list yet.
We are already listed on the Digiwell website.

again the question where can I buy the needles. Do you have a link to this? Unfortunately, I have not found anything yet. and no answer yet

They are still in process… not available yet, sadly.