Flex installers in Arizona

Hi! Has anyone in Arizona found a body mod artists willing to do a flex implant instal with a knife? I’ve texted and emailed around a bit with no luck and settled on trying with the needle. But after seeing the needle in person, I want throw up. It’s massive and I really hate needles.
I know there’s a link with partnered installers, but none in my state

Any help is immensely appreciated, I really don’t want to have to use that needle

I can’t stand needles myself, and still got a Flex install done. My advice: Play some music and sing along to it but do not watch the installer do their thing.


Im sorry but no. This needle is just too big and with how deep it has to go (if the guide line is accurate and is followed), its too much for me to even think about. The needle for the NeXT was pushing it, but this one is beyond what I can handle while conscious

Just start calling places that advertise body modification. They use a scalpel for silicon implants.

It’s been a while since I looked. I didn’t find anyone in the Phoenix area but admittedly did not look very hard. I have a flex or 2 I’d love to get installed.

After more digging, I found an old Reddit post for tongue splitting, and they said they went to someone named Dana Dracula (here’s their Facebook). Unfortunately they travel the US, arnt specifically in Arizona. However, they will be in Phoenix sometime in august and said they’d do my implant. Hopes this helps you too!


Awesome! Keep us updated on how it goes.