Flex Location help

Yeah, but then Amal said

Then I went silly.

FlexUG4 :zipper_mouth_face: (x heaps)

Lets just call it the worst kept secret.

It’s now more of an, access to the “product” rather than the knowledge of the “product”


Yeaah, I dropped the ball on keeping it a secret… To be fair I didn’t really realize it was gonna be a secret. I have been chatting in a few discords about it since I sent in the first cards for custom conversion, giving updates/sharing hype.

I met with my installer today who is stoked to get to install this style. Sounding like Thursday or Friday next week.


Haha no problem… I just like to give the DT club a bit of an advantage when ordering new stuff is all.


DT club is just like fight club, nobody talks about DT Club

No…wait…everybody TALKS about DT Club, just not what happens INSIDE DT Club.
So its not like fight club at all…


I have my Apex Flex located here in my arm behind my wrist. So far it’s been working pretty well for me in this spot… :wink:

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Thanks for that!
Thats the exact spot mines going this weekend.

How does it feel when something puts pressure on it?

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Not bad, maybe a little tiny itch when I put my finger on top of it, otherwise I never feel anything at all :wink:

Good to know.

I have a FlexSecure in the same spot, for well over a year now. Most of the time I forget it even is there. No issues at all.