Flex Location help

Hello all!

I am getting the a new Flex installed soon, but am having some trouble settling on a location.
I have 1 implant in either hand in between thumb and forefinger, so that location is out, where do y’all recommend?

My thoughts are:
Back of the hand, but I’m worried about tendons rubbing.
Back of the wrist (watch location) but am thinking about maneuvering it to get reads from readers.


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Back of wrist can work as most access readers are positioned and mounted for easy access… unlike payment terminals all over the EU which, for some reason, tend to get wedged under some dusty novelty bits and vape pods.

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O I can’t wait for the day I can pay with an implant in the Great White North.

Does wearing a watch over it cause any friction issues?

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Edited… sorry!

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I would not recommend wearing anything over an implant.

It’s ok on the edit… the product is available to DT Club members first but will be available soon to the public.


Indeed, DT club early access to the FlexUG4 :zipper_mouth_face: Mines already on it’s way.

Regarding placement.

P1 - P4 are great options for Flexies.

I currently have and have had a number of flexies on the back of my hand and infact my FlexUG4 :zipper_mouth_face: is going in my P3 or P4.

All I would say is, plan ahead, I have moved a few implants because I didn’t.

The new implant you are getting FlexUG4 :zipper_mouth_face: will cover you for A LOT of scenarios, so I would suggest you put it in a “Prime” spot.
For example, I have an ApexFlex an my P1 Left and my P1 Right is my FlexM1, I use these a lot.
My new FlexUG4 :zipper_mouth_face: will go in my P3 or P4 and I am happy with that, because it will very likely become a “go to” implant.

I had a custom payment conversion in my P4, and it was Fantastic for any payment terminal I encountered.

If it was me, starting again with a fresh canvas :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: and getting myself a FlexUG4 :zipper_mouth_face:
as I am right handed, I would go for P1 Right.

:thought_balloon: Hey Pilgrim, what the fuck are those blue P1 P4’s etc


High praise indeed

Can’t wait until us mortals get to hear the details on this one

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Well, don’t quote me on it…

damn it, you already did.

I don’t yet have hands on with my FlexUG4 :zipper_mouth_face: so to speak.
If a test card of such an implant existed, I would have had one (or two), and I would have tested it, and would have really liked the functionality and flexibility, pun not intended.

Once I get my FlexUG4 :zipper_mouth_face: I will do some range tests etc. and share those either straight away or in a review that I will write unless somebody does it before me.

get yourself a test card, DT don’t sell them just yet, but my guess is, they probably, maybe, might in the future.
Hopefully they decide to, and have some in stock when the FlexUG4 :zipper_mouth_face: becomes available to the

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Thank you for all the advice, I do have several of these cards and have been using them regularly for some time now. Their nearly unbrickableness wixed with the vast options for emulation are what drew me to wanting the implant to begin with. That and wanting something I can swap the byte size on was/is ideal.


I seem to remember seeing that Amal had a flex (flexNT?) in P7 or P8. Did that work out?

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Yeah I got flexNT in L8 and R8… but that’s shorter than typical flex products…and it’s still pushing the limits of safety… almost too long.


And he’s got big Shrek fingers



do you get interaction from a flex in P1 and another in P3-P4?
Also, any issue with interaction between the back of the hand flexy (P1 through P4) and an x- series in P0?

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No, they are far enough away to not interfere and allow you to target the implant you want.


and the closest is P1
If have similar setups in both hands and have NEVER had a problem.
When presenting to a reader, they are effectively 90⁰ from each other.

I even did a test with a FlexMT on the back of my hand and NExT, with no issue
(FlexMT has amazing read performance, even that had no issue)

You can start from the top of the thread, whicjnisny too long, but this was my test and reply.


Thats great info, thank you.

I think I am settled now on the outside of my forearm, where I would wear a watch on my right arm.
Everywhere else seems like I have way to many veins or moving bits under the skin.

Thank you to all of you for sharing your input and experiences.

Let me know if any of you have questions about the new chip or its multiple uses. I also have some software that helps to get mode switching commands constructed for the PM3 and this chip specifically.

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The implant name makes me think of the (removed).

But what do I know? I’m just one of these mere



Clearly a conspiracy theory




@Pilgrimsmaster I’ve just redacted myself because I think @MDT gives it all away. Got a test card on the way from Aliexpress 🛜