FLEXCLASS OWNERS! I need a favor!

Let me start by saying I’m extremely jealous at the moment…as the flexclass is still out of stock. :stuck_out_tongue:

I worked out the bugs to cloning my iClass legacy credential to blank for redteamtools (not realizing that they are shipped in personalization mode rather than application mode) after quite a bit of headscratching and frustration. Huge thanks to the folks here that helped and the folks over at the pm3 forum.

What I’m asking for: anyone that has the flexclass implanted and cloned to their credential that would be willing to share just the block 1 values from the dump. I’m working on a writeup for how to go from a blank iclass legacy card in personalization mode to a fully cloned and usable credential in application mode. (as I wasn’t able to find all of that information in one place) while making it a bit easier to understand. And of course, giving credit to the folks that I can link that helped me get to where I am.

As I haven’t gotten my flexclass yet because of stock issues, I can’t verify it myself.

I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything before I post the writeup and cause anyone issues or worst case, write a wrong config block/block 3 and them have a basically dead implant.

Thanks in advance!



First photo is source card, second photo is flexClass.

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Ironically, you posted about the same time as carl55 over at the pm forum. And both posts confirmed my suspicion about byte 0 of block 1.

But, concerns me about byte 7 of block 1.

I was lead to believe that the fuses needed to be blown to put the card in application mode rather than personalization mode. I will test that as soon as I can. Until then, I removed the tutorial pending the results. I don’t want to lead anyone astray.

That sounds right to me. I’d refer you to this post here, but it sounds like you’re getting more information from the Proxmark forums than I have.

Actually, it doesn’t. Byte 7 of block 1 is the fuses in the config block. Your flexclass fuses appear to not be blown yet.

(maybe I should clarify that I was under the impression that the fuses needed to be blown and card in application mode for the readers to read and recognize the card properly. My apologies)

And you haven’t had any issues with the access control systems from your flexclass right?

Would you mind doing a hf ic info from the flexclass? I’m betting it’s still in personalization mode and the fuses have yet to be blown. If that’s the case, then part of my tutorial needs to be rewritten and explained better.

I would love to. Alas, the flexClass broke (likely physically). I need to get it removed and shipped back to DT.

I had issues with some readers, specifically SE-based readers. Many readers I had success with, though. The hazards of going to an institution that uses a wide variety of readers.

Ah, I hate to hear that! I always screenshot dumps and info and all the other commands for fear of something like that happening. At least so I know what went wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

According to your dump file, block 1 byte 7 was BC not 3C which in my case the BC denoted fuses not blown and chip in personalization mode. :man_shrugging:

I ordered a couple more cards and I’m going to simply write the new Kdiv and blocks 6-9 and see what the outcome is. I opted for the priority mail vs first class like last time. I have no doubt that it was the USPS that caused the delay, but a couple bucks to get them here quicker while it’s fresh in my mind is okay by me.

We are slowly but surely getting there with it all!!!

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Ummmm, What the Fuck? Any damage to you? What caused it? was it over flexion of the flex? Where was is installed?

Have you notified DT yet :help: ?

In short: yes. Still waiting on getting it removed. Will update with more info when I have time in a bit. Later today.

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I know, right?

Only damage to me is the scar I have from the installation. I also scar easily, so no surprise there. No inflammation. Mild tingling/itching occasionally, but I also have that with my NeXT which is chugging along just fine.

@amal thinks it’s the same issue that’s impacted some Walletmor installs. I had it installed just above my right posterior wrist, far enough up into the forearm area I was less concerned about the constant flexing of my wrist. It’s been not working since November. The encapsulation should still be good, but the connection between chip and antenna isn’t. At least that’s the working theory until I can get the thing out.

I’m still waiting on uninstalling it because I still haven’t received a bill for the installation in late September, and want to make sure that the wonderful American healthcare system doesn’t completely screw me over.

Bad photo to show placement.

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Is this the issue where it breaks due to bending? Or another issue?

I’m was thinking of installing a flex there (either flexclass or Disney Conversion [if I end up getting that])

I believe so.

i think it was more or less an issue with solder paste that was not fully cured and little balls of it where working around under the chip package and making periodic shorts… but i have no definitive evidence of this, it’s just my hunch. after changing design and production tactics it seems that we are resolving several potential issues.

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