ICard/Walletmor stop support UK

Well… considering iCard was valid for about 6 months for me… 3 Years seems like an improvement.

Will see about doing that and then e-mail you @wojtek .


Does someone know if the antenna problems are solved on the walletmor implants?

Yes, according to this post on their FB group.

Can’t see because they doesn’t accept my request

We made significant changes to their antenna design to address the durability issues, and then ran some accelerated stress testing. Everything is looking good.

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"Hello everyone,

As mentioned, yesterday and today we sent out the first batch of the implants. The next batches are yet to be repacked and shipped out later this week or next week.

I am happy to inform that the new generation implant with improved BOTH TUNNING AND ROBUSTNESS has passed the quality tests in several countries worldwide and it is the best implant we have ever released.

Can’t wait for your feedback!"

Page is only for people who have purchased implants I imagine that’s why your request was not approved.

I purchased the implant
Otherwise i would asking about the antenna issues

Sorry no idea then :confused:

Uhm, what did i miss? What exactly was wrong with the antenna before?

This is quite a bit of info in the DT Club

( This thread )


and publically here

Basically, ( Roughly) the antennas worked well and as expected, however, there were a number implanted on the knife edge of the hand and due to solder ball issues and the flexing in that location, some of the chips would seperate slightly from the PCB antenna, causing relibility issues.

The design was re-jigged and stress tested and now they appear to have passed vigirous testing, proving to be more robust, possibly including robust enough for a “JUDO CHOP!!!”


Hi all,

Joined the forum after deciding to go down the Walletmor route for an implant. Speaking with you on e-mail Wojtek (thank you for the prompt replies!!) I’m really happy to hear MuchBetter will pair like iCard now and be valid for 5 years instead of 3, making the purchase today. Wanted to ask if anyone is using MuchBetter as their Digital Wallet and if the pairing was smooth? Has anyone used Piercings by Tim in Brackley for the procedure? Will be in touch once it arrives but thought I’d ask the community while I wait!

Thx, Martin


Is it already common knowledge that MuchBetter is now not an option for anyone who has already placed an order and received their implant? Thankfully hadn’t got mine under the skin yet but by trying to link it to my MuchBetter account it generated an error and then “customer support” politely informed me they were aware I was trying to link something related to Walletmor and my account was to be terminated for breaching theirs and MasterCard’s terms of service blah blah.

Have only had one generic response from Walletmor thus far to say they’re aware of the issue and seemingly the only alternate solution is to attempt getting a K Wearable converted. I’ve asked for more info (including what associated extra cost I am picking up) but wanted to make sure others were aware of this issue and also ask if anyone knows anything about this K option, if conversion will be successful and if so any idea on if the ring or leather fob are best (rather large price point difference, particularly if this is a genuine gamble on conversion possibility).

Ho hum… :unamused:

As an aside, I do now happen to have a spare MuchBetter fob which someone is very welcome to if they haven’t ordered their implant yet it should be possible to get this one converted and then successfully associate with a new account without triggering the same thing that happened to me - I think :confused:

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Nice idea but I think the UID will be tagged by MuchBettter unfortunately.

Most likely.

My beef with it is…
I went for Walletmoor because they had a service/product I want.
Then it failed in the UK and they had to replace their service with what’s in essence a worst version of a conversion service… (worst because of being limited and they already having issues with issue dates on other places where they tried to do the same elsewhere)

Currently they don’t have a service at all for us, which leaves their UK clients with a pretty brick under their skins and nothing to really do about it.

If I want to have a generic conversion service, I would:

  1. Go directly to @amal for the service: he’s more transparent and I trust him hella more than anyone else in the market (in fact, I only went for Walletmoor because of the association with Amal)

  2. Avoid any service where a bigger company is doing batch conversions.

Expanding on point 2:

  • “if no one knows I’ve converted my payment wearable into an implant, no one will have any reason to investigate it… therefore I’ll keep it as long as I want”.

  • But if someone begins to “batch convert”, then the company will find out about it, manage to track and block it… It might even trigger some sort of partial recall procedure or such, which would end up bricking not only these batch implants, but also the ones everyone else could already have.

That approach to “let’s try using someone else’s service without telling them” does not befit a company…

I mean… If Walletmor were able to officially make a payment implant, then that would be great! we could use that as a “trial run” and start changing people’s opinions about it all the way until a big card company decides to allow it.

But the current approach is not only burning our bridges (and soon UK folks won’t have any option even for their Amal-made conversions, because Walletmor will have achieved a bad rep with all the current wearable providers), but it’s also making so that the few small companies who could become our allies in this battle are now being pushed even further away than they were before.

Honestly… I might be pissed that iCard got out of the UK and that bricked my implant… but I don’t hold Walletmor responsible for that. I knew the risks…

But if now I’m going to lose the already few non-walletmor options I still have available and get the UK market brewing a bad rep against implants… just because they are handling this issue very poorly (right now their approach is starting to feel like spray and pray)… now that I’ll hold’em responsible for.


Honestly think you summed it up perfectly, I got the muchbetter version after 3 months of no implant (icard fail) and almost the next day get the email from muchbetter like ahhhhhh. Because its linked to my phone number I cant just create another account without changing my phone number ( had the same one for 14years) … now worried if we wait again we may just end up in the same boat the wearable they mentioned is a leather fob that’s around £40 …


Yes 100% my feelings.
Batch conversions are busted, I bet other Walletmors and FlexPAY1s will follow. Batch buys are traceable, conversion is the only option.

You can even be a lot more vocal about it, it’s not like Mastercard will force cashiers to report implantees. But disabling tens of chips at once? MC will do that when they can. Sharing your real name and the fact you have a payment chip might become a problem tho.


This really makes me worried…
I’m about to order a Walletmor implant, but what if, as you guys say, iCard starts blocking batch ordered tags?

The 2029 expiry date is great, but I wouldn’t be very happy if next day, next week, or even next year the Walletmor implant is bricked.

I would really like to know what is Walletmor’s view is on this. @wojtek

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let me just put it this way… this risk is real from many fob issuers, but far less of a risk for iCard


Great to hear when that’s no longer an option in the uk :sweat_smile:

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Exactly my point:

If Walletmor can come up with a partnership with another company (well, as much of a partnership as they had with iCard at least), then that’s great news!

But if they can’t do that, then in my humble opinion it would be much better if they stopped trying to use other companies services without negotiating with them first.

I mean… without a proper partnership, what is the service they are selling in the UK?

A more expensive and way less supportive version of your conversion service? :thinking:

I wish it were only that.

Unfortunately they are also doing us the “service” of making sure all the few payment fob companies left in the UK will now become not only aware of payment implant conversions but also triggered against it. :disappointed:

Also, my goal here isn’t to sow dissent. Was just venting out about the very specific situation in UK and looking to see if I’m the only one thinking like that.
(UK is already a pain with anything even remotely - and mostly erroneously - connected to fincrime. even “contactless only” cards are required to insert chip every N transactions)

According to what I’ve read on Walletmor back when I joined they did have some sort of agreement with iCard, so that should be the safer route and doesn’t look like they would take any action against us, so far.

But when it comes to places where iCard doesn’t reach (UK, US…), that’s where their actions are starting to reek of despair, imho (I have only heard frightful things about Walletmor US, and only seen bad things in post-iCard UK).