ICard/Walletmor stop support UK

This is just a heads up for people with Walletmors/planning on getting a Walletmor in the UK. They’re planning on stopping support for icard accounts on the 31st of March 2022, which means that it’s very likely that the implants won’t work either, unless you have an EU address.

I hope there’s a way around this, or it’ll mean that the implants will be essentially bricked for people living in the UK. If anyone has any ideas, I’d appreciate some tips.

Hmm, maybe get a mailing service address somewhere in the EEA and have a utility bill sent there… or get libre office and use the draw application to … update … a PDF version of a utility bill with a new EEA address and offer that?

I doubt iCard is going to be applying much scrutiny here as I’m sure they would prefer to keep customers.


That could work if iCard was really withdrawing from UK.
But… it’s not.

It’s much worse… After tomorrow onwards (from the 1st of April 2022), iCard will charge £50 per month from UK users.

I’ve been in contact with support and it looks like since we are already registered as UK citizens the whhole process would require termination of account and then create a new one in EAA, which would actually class as “softcore money laundering”.

And then lo and behold… they seem to think a new account would require a new “wearable” pairing. Which means removing the Walletmor and replacing it.

But this was told to me by iCard support… so here come I to try and get better answers from the source!

Is there any plans from Walletmor to support UK users, @wojtek?

There is a new version using a new company called much better. Check out the walletmore Facebook page for more info.

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Why people assume Facebook is a valid means of circulating news? :pensive:

But Thanks!

I checked Walletmor but not facebook… >.<




I have no idea. Definatly not my preferred option.



As mentioned before, we can convert the MuchBetter fobs to implants. The case is they are valid for 3 years, not 8 years like iCard ones.

Here is the procedure:

If you want to proceed with the new system, you need to download the Much Better app, set up an account, get it verified, open an account in GBP, top it up and order the NFC wearable (keychain). It will cost you 9,99 GBP.

Then, you will need to order the Keyfob to your home address and then send it to me to:

Wojtek Paprota
Motycz 117L
21-030 Motycz

Once the package is dispatched, please provide me with a tracking number so that I will know that this particular package is supposed to be assigned to you. Of course, once it arrives, I will send it to Amal to convert it to the implant form factor. So it will take some time to go through the process, but I am sure we will make it happen. Please remove everything from the keyfob and use tape to stick it to the cardboard. State in the customs declaration that you are sending documents and put “electronic data carrier” as a description. It will speed up delivery.

Hit me up at hello@wallemor.com for more details or in case of any questions

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Well… considering iCard was valid for about 6 months for me… 3 Years seems like an improvement.

Will see about doing that and then e-mail you @wojtek .


Does someone know if the antenna problems are solved on the walletmor implants?

Yes, according to this post on their FB group.

Can’t see because they doesn’t accept my request

We made significant changes to their antenna design to address the durability issues, and then ran some accelerated stress testing. Everything is looking good.

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"Hello everyone,

As mentioned, yesterday and today we sent out the first batch of the implants. The next batches are yet to be repacked and shipped out later this week or next week.

I am happy to inform that the new generation implant with improved BOTH TUNNING AND ROBUSTNESS has passed the quality tests in several countries worldwide and it is the best implant we have ever released.

Can’t wait for your feedback!"

Page is only for people who have purchased implants I imagine that’s why your request was not approved.

I purchased the implant
Otherwise i would asking about the antenna issues

Sorry no idea then :confused:

Uhm, what did i miss? What exactly was wrong with the antenna before?

This is quite a bit of info in the DT Club

( This thread )


and publically here

Basically, ( Roughly) the antennas worked well and as expected, however, there were a number implanted on the knife edge of the hand and due to solder ball issues and the flexing in that location, some of the chips would seperate slightly from the PCB antenna, causing relibility issues.

The design was re-jigged and stress tested and now they appear to have passed vigirous testing, proving to be more robust, possibly including robust enough for a “JUDO CHOP!!!”


Hi all,

Joined the forum after deciding to go down the Walletmor route for an implant. Speaking with you on e-mail Wojtek (thank you for the prompt replies!!) I’m really happy to hear MuchBetter will pair like iCard now and be valid for 5 years instead of 3, making the purchase today. Wanted to ask if anyone is using MuchBetter as their Digital Wallet and if the pairing was smooth? Has anyone used Piercings by Tim in Brackley for the procedure? Will be in touch once it arrives but thought I’d ask the community while I wait!

Thx, Martin


Is it already common knowledge that MuchBetter is now not an option for anyone who has already placed an order and received their implant? Thankfully hadn’t got mine under the skin yet but by trying to link it to my MuchBetter account it generated an error and then “customer support” politely informed me they were aware I was trying to link something related to Walletmor and my account was to be terminated for breaching theirs and MasterCard’s terms of service blah blah.

Have only had one generic response from Walletmor thus far to say they’re aware of the issue and seemingly the only alternate solution is to attempt getting a K Wearable converted. I’ve asked for more info (including what associated extra cost I am picking up) but wanted to make sure others were aware of this issue and also ask if anyone knows anything about this K option, if conversion will be successful and if so any idea on if the ring or leather fob are best (rather large price point difference, particularly if this is a genuine gamble on conversion possibility).

Ho hum… :unamused:

As an aside, I do now happen to have a spare MuchBetter fob which someone is very welcome to if they haven’t ordered their implant yet it should be possible to get this one converted and then successfully associate with a new account without triggering the same thing that happened to me - I think :confused:

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