flexDF and general NFC questions

Looking to buy the FlexDF but, what device to buy to read/write/clone it, preferably USB or stand-alone. Second; can I have multiple codes on it in the sense of using it as my apartment fob and employee badge as well as my android and car. And last (depending on second answer), if I get a FlexDF, would I need to get more than one NFC tag for different devices?

Cloning something is a compatibility and security miracle… meaning it’s not often that cloning is possible. The flexDF is a highly secure tag, which means cloning anything is not going to be possible.

To answer your “multiple codes” question, most applications typically work by reading the tag’s unique serial number. As such, you don’t load multiple serial numbers to the tag, you just program the tag’s serial number into the “authorized list” of each reader.

When it comes to secure applications however, tags like the flexDF typically store one or more “secure applications” which are really just very small files secured by some means. In the case of the flexDF those files (applications) are secured using 3DES keys… typically regarded as uncrackable.