flexDF backorder timeline (and a few other things)

Hey, I just ordered a flexDF and am wondering what the approximate wait time is on the backorder. I have to set up an appointment to get it implanted, and it is an inter-state drive, so I’m just hoping to know if I should be planning on next week, next month, December, etc.

Also, do you think it would be bad for the healing process to implant an xEM and the flexDF in the same hand at the same time? I am planning on the flex being in the back of the hand, and of course the xEM in the ‘triangle.’ If so I can wait, it just seems convenient to do more at once.

My xNT has been awesome, although I do hope to hear better new on the Android smart lock front. Mine is still working, but if it ever stops I’m in trouble because my phone has no jailbreak and so I can’t get the xposed framework. Thinking about checking out the app posted in the other thread. Suggestions?

Hi there, I estimate a few weeks at this point… we have isolated a process improvement for making them and I’m waiting on a new tool to arrive. I’m thinking December is a safe bet as I’ll probably be making a bunch of them in November.

I think implanting both at the same time would be fine as long as there is enough space between installation locations. From the sound of it, your plan sounds fine… the most important thing of all is ensuring a clean aseptic installation. Infection is a real legitimate risk, and a proper clean installation is paramount to avoiding complications.

Yeah I think we’re just hosed on Smart Lock… any other app won’t be a real solution unless you can root your phone and install one of those solutions that requires root… everything else is just a facade.

Thanks for the information. I installed an xNT at home (very carefully, after weeks of reading up on aseptic proceedure) and it went very well. For the flex I am headed to one of your partners in NYC, so I am working from the assumption that they can handle sanitation.

Since I ordered both at the same time will they come together? If the xEM comes first I may just do it sooner. The university where I teach has HID access to the building, and the IT guy has expressed interest: he’s willing to requisition a new ID badge number for my hand! I’m excited to see how well it works. I plan to pick up a proxmark, but any advice on setting the xEM up correctly is welcome.

And yeah, I’m pretty upset about the whole Smart Lock thing. I’ll have to get a new phone, I suppose.

Yes they will ship at the same time because they were ordered together.

The xEM will ship in EM mode, so there is a good chance the HID readers there won’t read it. You may have to attempt to clone your existing badge to it in order to put it into HID mode anyway. Or you can program an arbitrary ID into it. You’d need something like a proxmark3 in order to do that.

Cool to hear. Christmas time implants the perfect self gift