FlexDF Bricked?

So Ive had a FlexDF since Jan of 2019 and It got infrequent use as it was just a hyper link to my website and mostly show and tell.

Its installed on top of my ring finger right above the knuckle, I have not sustained any notable damage or injury to that finger and I cant for the life of me get it to recognize on any NFC reader (iphone, gototags reader).
I have other tags and implants to test the reader and I know it works on a xNT chip.

I only noticed this about a month ago but I thought it was just my Iphone being funny, but it not recognizing with the GoToTags desktop app has me concerned.

Are there any steps I can take to diagnose this or should I just start coping with a bricked implant?

DIY Xray for funsies

This version has the wire antenna so it’s likely that the wire enamel coating has worn and the antenna is shorting and horribly detuned. This is why we moved away from wire antennas in flex.

If you have your original order confirmation email you can reply to it and start a support ticket and we will offer you a discount on a flexDF2


Have there been any success stories with removing a V1 and replacing it with a V2? Id love to be able to keep it on that finger

The flexDF2 is slightly larger but no so large the tissue couldn’t accommodate. As long as the extraction incision is made far enough back that the resulting pocket can accommodate the replacement, it should be fine. Normally you’d want to cut right at the edge of the implant being removed to ensure you don’t have to go digging too far under the skin, but in the case of a replacement which is slightly larger you want some additional space and depth of pocket to ensure the edge of the replacement device doesn’t put undue pressure on the incision sutures during healing.

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