flexDF, Damm this thing looks good

This is a question more than anything. I wanted to buy 3 or 4 flexDFs for a wearable project and these are the smallest, lightest, and most flexible 8k nfc tags that I could find. Does anyone know of any alternatives if I don’t want to implant them or whether I can buy them despite not implanting them (for the BETA tester requirements).

Thank you in advance!

Hmm… I might be willing to sell some without the encapsulation… but it wouldn’t be cheap… but not as expensive as the implantable version.

What’s the application?

I am making some leather wearables with multiple sensors and nfc tags to save everything from links and business cards to encrypted data (about 6k). The important things that I need is flexibility (literally) and over 6k of storage along with small size and the flexDF meets all requirements. As technology is continually improving I am trying to find a way to hack one’s physical abilities while not making modifications that while cutting edge today might leave the user stuck in past with the only option of cutting their hand open to upgrade themselves. I want to make an incredibly thin high quality leather patch/second skin that stretches over small parts of the body, something like the wrist or parts of the arm, with sensors in between the two “skins” so that you may both be biologically enhanced and easily upgradeable.

Would you mind telling me what price you would settle on and when I might buy these wonders of technology?

Hmm ok. So what qty would you want?

I am pretty sure that I could get along with 5 but am ready to go down a bit if it becomes prohibitively expensive.

ok. at the moment each are hand made and supply is scarce… but I should have a surplus of them in a few weeks. I’ll get you pricing once I do.

Thank you ever so much!