flexDF [DESFire EV1 8k] BETA Installation Video


I’m looking to buy “flexDF [DESFire EV1 8k] BETA” for next chip to implant. Do we have any video to implant?

Rgds, RK

As it happens, I do have a video I shot of me implanting a friend with a flexDF. It’s a bit gruesome… and needs editing. Basically any body mod artist should be able to do this for you no problem. The basic process is cut, elevate tissue, insert, close.

I cut out the audio and put music in… does that count as editing? :grin: I can post it if you’re okay with it.

I’d like to actually put a lot of cut scenes in where i explain certain things…

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Yes. Please upload & share meanwhile

Amal wants to do his own edits, so I’ll just sit on it. :sweat_smile: