FlexDF installation notes

Hey all,

I purchased my FlexDF while it was still in beta. Even though it appears to have officially launched a few days ago, I figured I would share my installation experience here (no Facebook).

I decided to have the tag installed in the anterior face of my forearm a few centimeters above the wrist. I may have problems contorting myself for some types of readers, but I primarily intend to use the tag with smartphones and my hand is getting rather crowded.

The installation went very smoothly. I had my artist help me with the installation. He’s rather rigorous with his sterilization procedure, so I wasn’t worried about much on his end. Normally we would use his steam autoclave before any implantation, but I wasn’t sure how the the biopolymer would react, so we just trusted the chlorhexidine to do its job. Here’s a pic from a few hours after the procedure:

Uneventful recovery and now everything is looking good. It’s sitting comfortably in that position, no irritation from movement. Here’s a pic from today (it’s been 18 days):

I’m getting great read range (~1cm with my phone and ~3cm with the PN532 breakout). I’m currently just checking the UID for access control. I also have my contact information on there as an NDEF record. I’m still learning about the encryption capabilities. I was hoping to convince my local transit authority to let me register the tag in their keycard system, but upon further inspection it looks like they use EMV based cards. Oh well.