FlexDF Installation Update

So, I just realized (rereading the product page) that I am supposed to be posting updates on the FlexDF as a part of the beta testing. I don’t have FB so I hope the update here is sufficient, if not please let me know and I’ll make a fake FB so that I can post there.

I had a professional partner (I’m not sure if they want to be mentioned, but I will say they did an excellent job, the installation went as smoothly as I can imagine and they were both affordable and professional. A+) install it into the back of my left hand above the 5th (pinkie) metacarpal. The installation was last Friday (26 Jan), and I took the 3 stitches out yesterday. It has healed very quickly, with little pain by the second day and none by the fourth. The implant doesn’t move, although it protrudes from the skin slightly below the metacarpophalangeal joint (knuckle) when my hand is flat.

I am able to read it at a much better distance than either my xNT or xEM, the KBR1 can read it almost 2 cm away. Unfortunately the combination of having a large phone and my bony wrist makes reading it with the phone slightly tricky, but it’s doable by rotating the phone 90 degrees.

Please let me know if there’s anything specific I should be posting, if you need pictures, or if I need to put this on the FB group.

If anyone is interested, I am making progress on writing an application to store passwords on it that can be read with an ACR122U; for now everything is plaintext and extremely unsafe, but it is incredibly convenient. I’ll post here when I’ve found a way to encrypt that seems worthwhile.


Thanks for the update! I’d like to see photos of the install, right after install, and periodic updates of the healing process. Of course if there is any change in performance, sensation, healing, pain, etc. please update. Thanks!

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puedo escribir con este chip atravez de la mente