FlexDF vs FlexNT What Are The Differences?


I was wondering about the FlexDF what does it do and what are the differences between the FlexDF and the FlexNT? Thanks! :smiley: - BioHacker101


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so i see the installation video but did you post anything about the differences? i am interested in getting one just dont know which i should get?


The differences are vast… both are ISO14443A RFID tags… the flexNT uses the NTAG216 chip which is NFC Type 2 and the flexDF uses the DESFire EV1 8K chip, which is NFC Type 4. The flexNT can hold close to 1k of data in a simple memory page schema, while the flexDF can hold up to 8k worth of data in user defined “files”, each of which can have their own 3DES keys with specific permissions defined… or you can just use all 8k to store NDEF data for NFC applications.