i just ordered the FlexDF beta tag and was wondering what are the drastic differences if any from the XNT or XEM tags, like longer read range,more storage, ect… And is there anything we can do on the new flexDF that the XEM or XNT cant do?

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The flexDF is drastically different from the xEM and xNT. First of all, the flexDF is made has 8k storage, whereas the xNT only has 888 bytes, and the xEM only 64 bits (8 bytes). The DESFire EV1 chip in the flexDF is also NFC Type 4 and capable of hosting multiple “applications” simultaneously. It also supports 3DES and AES encryption standards so those applications can be secured, whereas the xNT can only store data.

In short, the flexDF has a much more powerful chip that can be used for many applications that the xNT or xEM simply cannot, but explaining the differences in terms of applications is quite difficult. The simplest aspect is the storage space… you could dedicate all 8k of the flexDF to NFC Type 4 storage, and then you’d have enough space to store a vCard business card record that included a small photo along with your contact data!


thats pretty cool. im really excited to to get my hands on it. iv got the XNT but the read range is kinda poor, although i think thats my fault i most likely put it in too deep.

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Possibly, but x-series doesn’t have the greatest performance anyway… the antenna geometry isn’t ideal in a cylindrical glass tag.

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