flexEM T5577 - Unwritable via Proxmark3 RDV4? - (Fixed)

Hi All,

So I’ve manager to get my proxmark3 working and have successfully read an EM 410x chip and then cloned i onto a T5577 card using:

lf em 410x_write [Source Chip ID] 1

however, when it comes to writing onto my new flexEM T5577 chip, it appears to write successfully in the same way but when I verify the implanted chip through:

lf em 410x_read

it shows the previous em tag ID as well as no apparent changes to the device (i.e. it is not showing the cloned information from the first tag).

I must point out that nothing else has been done with this implant other than taking out of the box and implanting it (in future I will obviously test this before surgically implanting :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’ve popped emails to DT and Kai from ksec and it was advised to open this post in the mean time.

Any assistance would be appreciated!
Thanks all!


Just to start from the beginning, are you running the latest firmware?
Did you run
hw tune
before anything else? (Probably don’t have to for a flex but why not :man_shrugging:)

Also, to be sure, when you run the read command you should see something like this:

You want the EM TAG ID to be your [Source Chip ID].

I’m sure there will be someone else with more help to follow me but I wanted to get some baseline questions out of the way.

Upload the output from proxmark. It Will hela to se what is going on.

What antenna are you using? It sounds like you aren’t getting good coupling. It requires more power to write than to do a simple lf search, so you could be close but not quite in the right spot.

Try running lf detect on your implant, followed by lf t55xx trace. Move your hand around slightly each time until these return info, then make sure you don’t move it at all when you run the clone command.

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hw status

Glad it’s resolved !