FlexEM with Gen 1 Access Controller

Has anyone tested the gen 1 access controller (the one with the potted cylindrical antenna) with the flexEM? Curious on read range of the combination.

Yes: about 2 inches. Out of the skin - take out some when it’s implanted.

Thanks. Have you put it head to head with the xEM? I need a little more range as compared to my xEM

Yes: it’s less than 17 mm with an xEM, but entirely through flesh. I know because I tried reading the xEM in my foot through my foot, and it’s 20 mm thick there - so take out perhaps 3 mm of skin, ergo 17 mm. It barely reads when I really step on it.

It might get slightly more range through more air than flesh, but it’s LF so I doubt it.

Interesting factoid: the xEM reads great with the coil antenna of the xAC v1 when you point it straight down towards the side of the coil, as opposed to parallel to it.

That’s crazy. Magnetic fields man…