FlexM1 in P0 now out and bent like a banana

Wanted to share some photos of my taken out FlexM1 that was in P0 for about 1.5 Years that was taken out couple days ago. The P0 for flexes are not recommended since your thumb moves a lot and creates stress on the implant so it will likely fail like mine did. I’ll be sending it to @amal for inspection.
Might post couple more pics if I find something that can get me closer.

That cut above main chip likely came when it was taken out

Interesting. So it’s like a paper clip? Keep bending it and will snap.

I don’t like the whiteish color around the chip in the second picture.

However, the fact that the coil looks new is a testament to the effectiveness of Amal’s encapsulation. And TBH, everything looks good on the pictures.

If you ask me, chances are that any problems with these things are caused by the chinise nature of magic chips.


At least now you have a banana, which I hear are excellent sources of potassium.


Yeah. Way better condition than expected. Since it has been little little more than 2 Months after breaking I was expecting way worse.

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Chances are the problem has to do with either;

  1. the enamel in the coil rubbing against itself and eventually wearing through to create a short in the antenna coil itself.

  2. the wire weld to the magic chip failing.

For both of these reasons we are no longer making flexM1 but working with community members like @leumas95 to create a flex PCB solution for these awkward chips.