FlexM1 Pre-Installation Curiousity

Hi Guys,

just received my flexm1 :slight_smile:

i just got a few question about flexm1 installation as i want to give a definitive well informed answer to the doctor who will install it, which may not be in the installation procedure posted on the site.

It is sealed in a container and submerged in a certain liquid:
May i know what is the liquid contained with the chip?

Im planning to have a doctor inserted it along with injection of (lidocaine anesthetic) as i am quite intimidated by the size of the needle.

What is the lubricating gel for?
How is it applied?
Where is it applied?

Does the doctor have to dry up the liquid coming with the flexm1 container prior to insertion or it can be directly inserted while wet?

can the needle already be used straight from the container? If not, how to you “professionally sterilize” the needle?

Thanks in advance!

IIRC, it’s a chlorhexidine based disinfectant solution.

For the needle.

From my understanding, the needle is not sterile. There are a few methods of sterilization that can be used on the needle but autoclaving is the most common.

Please note that flex implants cannot be autoclaved!


Only you know your own pain threshold, I have had a number of Flex installs, they all feel very similar to the xSeries, so if you didn’t need anaesthetic for those, you probably wont need it for your Flex

A lot of people are, but as above, If you weren’t looking, you probably couldn’t tell the difference.


I haven’t seen a by the book answer before, but whatever you do, just focus on good aseptic procedures, which your doctor should be well versed in.

But for me personally My mate has done my last few flexies, and using common sense and a clean gloved finger ( left hand little finger ), applied the Lube to the needle end, swiping away from the point. He has also opened the packet and inserted the needle tip into the packet, also opened the packet fully and “rolled” the needle tip in the lube all worked fine, and he managed to penetrate me far easier than my little korean lady piercer who went in dry :wink:

Obviously try to keep the lube away from the blunt end, which is the end the doctor will need control the needle. ( hence mate using his left pinkie for application.

Before inserting the Flexies, we let the Flex air dry/ evapourate for approximatly 1 minute.

These :arrow_up: are my experiences and I have had zero issues.
If you don’t hear from somebody else, contridicting my reply, then give that technique a try, otherwise
Your doctor should have the knowledge to make a safe decision for you.


Thanks for the answers @enginerd & @Pilgrimsmaster :grin:

Just one last question though, as we are aware as discussed that the x series are all fine with MRI & Xray, would our Flexies be as well? Wont the procedure be able to wipe out or do anything with the data encoded in our flexm1s?

Short answer

Nothing to worry about with either.

Here’s an example of a Flex (FlexNT CORRECTION → FlexNExT) under X-Ray, which is much larger than yours

Credit The lovely @Coma (Plus her power button )
The data stays safe after the xRay, so again, no worries


Just a little sidenote - it’s actually a flexNExT, which is a bit larger and round. Not that it makes much of a difference :wink:

And yes, that picture was taken the day before it had to be removed, and the surgeon basically cut it out of my hand, not being very gentle to the implant - and still, it works. Outside of me, now, but it looks like neither the x-ray nor the surgery did any damage to it.


Oops, fixed my post

Oops, fixed your post

A LOT larger and much more round


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