flexMN without T5577?

I see that there is the flexMN that also has T5577 but I was wondering if there is a flex implant that is only the magic NTAG?


There was a narrow Flex version , that just didn’t perform well.
A chip issue rather than antenna I think, BUT the larger disc antenna “helps” with performance, it still doesn’t make it super usable unfortunately.

Great chip in theory, just performance is limited.

I tried to convince Amal to sell me one after he pulled the narrows from sale, he wouldn’t because he didn’t have confidence that it would work.

He could have easily sold it to me, and when it inevitably would have failed.
He could have rightfully said.
“hey, you asked for it, it’s not my problem it didn’t work…”

I continue to respect his honesty over easy money.


Any plans for some in the future?

I can’t answer for Amal, but I think there needs to be better ( easy to read/write ) chips, before he will put his name and brand on it as a retail product.

I guess you could possibly ask for a custom conversion ?

I have a Magic NTAG card I bought from KSEC that I have considered sending to Amal

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