FlexMT and MRI machine

Hello everyone,

I recently had my flexMT installed, it works perfectly but I am now wondering, given the size of the coil, can I still use it in an MRI machine?

Mri shouldn’t effect it, copper is not magnetic. As far as I am aware there should be no issues with having an MRI same as all other non magnet implants.

So today I’ve found out that I have MRI head screening scheduled in about two weeks. I’d like to go through, but in addition to the NExT and Spark II chips I also have a flex implant - Walletmor in my right hand.

It seems the MRI technician will require a manufacturer certificate to prove the Walletmor chip is MRI compatible/safe, similar to the existing one for the X series, otherwise I’ll have to get it extracted or cancel the appointment. Would a flex implant be safe in a hand during MRI brain scan? Does such certificate document exist or what would it take to make one?

Unfortunately a similar certificate for Walletmor does not exist, we only have anecdotal evidence that it’s safe.

I see and understand. Do you think it would be possible to certify/declare something like the contents of the implant, perhaps with regards to X series and MRI compatibility? My hospital form specifically asks for “implant manufacturer declaration” Obviously the MRI tech will be the final authority and I will disclose everything, so I am trying to get ready and prevent the extraction if I can. If I will be able to undergo the scan with Walletmor I should be able to get official confirmation that it went alright and test the functionality afterwards.

Or maybe it is a bad idea based on the lack of data we have and I shouldn’t risk interfering of the expensive public service machine and my implant, would that be a better approach?

dngr.us/mri is the the documentation for the x-series chips and the flex have even less material in them that might be affected by the magnetic fields of an MRI