FlexMT Installer in Las Vegas

I have a couple of the injectable tags already. My wife did those with no issues. However, I just got a FlexMT and she is pretty sure she doesn’t have the skillset to do that.

Anyone know of anyone in Las Vegas who does these implants specifically or dermal installations generally who would be comfortable with putting this in the back of my hand?

Bonus points if they actually answer an email so my introvert self doesn’t have to make a phone call! Hahahaha!

Thanks in advance!

@BioBeehive would be my first port of call, see below, he was still in the process of getting license, but has implants, has done implants and willing to try more, and if he is not able to or comfortable, he is “in the scene”, and may have the right kind of contacts for you to find somebody.

Thanks, I reached out by DM here. I’ll see what response I get.

Open to other suggestions if anyone has any.

Thank you!