Install Videos and Pictures 🩸

Well, give is some time to sette down. It is quite thin-edged and it’ll bite you for a while until it’s happy where it is. Hell, my flexNExT still bites me every once in a while and it’s been 4 months.

That was quite surprising to me: I inserted mine roughly at the same location you did, and while I knew it would go backwards because of the movements at the metacarpal heads, I didn’t expect it to back out so far.

The thing is, there is a transverse ligament that runs the width of your hand just behind the metacarpal heads. You can feel it if you make a “bear claw” hand and tense it up. I thought the end of the implant would ride up the ligament, but no: it’s like a brick wall. Each time you extend your fingers, it pushes the implant backwards. If you mark the most backward position of the ligament when you extend your fingers fully, you realize there just isn’t enough space for the implant to fit in without riding up the carpals a bit at the other end.


It’s actually reassuring to read this, because it means there’s nothing wrong with mine, and that I can ignore the bites :slightly_smiling_face:

Your pocket must be a bit tight - or “just right” and the implant ain’t quite liking where it’s been dropped. Mine was done with a rather large dermal lifter and my flexM1 never bit me once. It probably found its space before the pocket started closing up around it.

I believe biting Flex implants are rather a common thing. Don’t worry about it, but don’t ignore signs: if it starts biting too much, or hurting in different ways, you should be concerned.


Do you have the full ( unedited ) video from your installation.

It shows the needle and Spark :clapper: then cuts to the bandage :adhesive_bandage: … you cut out the juicy bit in the middle :syringe: :drop_of_blood:


I noticed that too, I wonder if it has something to do with like Japan’s graphic content restrictions or something.
But I would also like to see the full install if that’s a possibility ryuuzakijulio.

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Also that’s kind of why I made this lounge, I’ve been doing installs for some time now, along with training to get my piercing shop licence. So I’m very interested in as many different techniques as I can get my hands on. Stay tuned for more updates on my shop coming out. I’m in Las Vegas now and I will have operations up and going soon, and I’m gonna have to talk to Amal about getting my shop added to the partner map.

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Posting install pics from xLED in this thread.


I did some digital zooming and uploaded it again xD

Just ignore the BS im talking or mute it Audio Quality is shit anyway



OMG lol I be 100% honest with you.
I didn’t realized the camera didn’t record the needle part until I was home already.

.< super sorry.

I did however took another video of the needle part, but shows too much of the installer and the client who didn’t want to be on a public video. Japanese are very picky to appear on video even their voices. So I need to go find someone who is ok to be on a video again.

I got 2 chips installed with this technique. The needle is smaller gauge than the package one since it doesn’t need to contain the chip inside. So the hole is way smaller, and the needle brand is made in Japan brand KIWAMI, very well known among piercers around the world for their sharpness. On most installations I see how the skin gets pushed back and kinda POPS when the skin finally opens. But this needles just slide under the skin like butter.
(I’m a cry baby with needles so to me still hurted like a MF, but it was just for a small second while the needle goes in)
The cool thing with this technique is that the needle don’t remain inside the skin longer than it has to just to make the pocket.
The needle then is taken away and then the chip slide in the hole right after, no pain on that part. Then the piercer adjusted the depth of the chip and done.
Is a little more involved process instead of just poke click and done.
But I believe is more careful, less unnecesary needle inside the body. Of course, it has to be done with someone with experience.

I’ll look forward to get another chance to get a better video and make sure I record the whole thing 4 real this time.


No need to apologise.

The whole Vivokey Japan representation looks really clinical yet enticing and overall professional.

Nice work :+1:

Oh, and I don’t think it has been said yet



Thank you @Pilgrimsmaster!

That place is just one of our installer partners locations, is in Harajuku.
Everyone has very clean looking places, and of course all the tools and experience, they also agreed to follow the manual we prepared. So we asked them to sign with us.
This days we will be getting our first installs on other parts of Japan. Hopefully they can take better video than me. :slight_smile:

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As promised. Here is an installation with only a piercing needle 10g from one of our installers in Japan.

  • Needle does not need to contain the chip inside, so you can see the size comparison with assembled injectors.
  • The needle and chip had some lubricant to avoid pulling the skin.
  • The needle was only the necessary time under the skin just to create a pocket. (On my experience, it only hurts as it moves in, once is stopped or pulled out the pain is pretty much gone, pain level to me, was compared to a hard pinch, you know? when you are a kid and some old lady gets mad at you?, but when the needle stops and moves away, pain is completely stopped)
  • There was no tap used to push the chip inside, we want to avoid touching the bio-glass against metal.

your installer doesn’t happen to have a flexNeXT there in his hand does he?

Looks more like a silicone disk :stuck_out_tongue:


i bet its a silicone ring

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yep - even with the glove, a slight “hole” is clearly visible, so rather a ring than a disc :wink:

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Hehe thats what i meant but yeah its a piece of silicone :stuck_out_tongue:

PINPON! @amal is right, silicone ring.

For some reason Japanese piercers are into those silicone shapes on that side of the hand.
I don’t get it but yeah, is what it is.

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