flexMT Placement

So after some previous posts, I’m looking into the idea of getting a flexMT installed. I currently have a NExT installed in the default “Position 0” on my right hand as per the regulations and the Implant Sutra thread. I’ve seen @Ottomagne’s, @Coma’s, and @Azflyer’s posts with circular flex installation and I’m wondering what the best spot would be. The top of my left hand sounds rad, although I am concerned about the tendons for my fingers getting in the way. All else fails I could just put it the upper wrist area, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

Said tendony hand:

I’m in the same position and the tendons in my hands are even more visible then yours. Overall I don’t think there’s gonna be any issues other than it might be very visible but this is just what I think with no facts to back it. Maybe someone with similar hands to ours can give more information

Tendons will not “get in the way”, mine are normaly very visible but the implant is just laying on top without any problem. But with skinny hands you have to accept that the implant will be visible almost all the time
Here is my left hand for comparison

I do not guarantee anything though. This is my experience and it can be different for anyone else :wink:

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I don’t think the tendons will be any problem… I’m pretty skinny too, and, like Azflyer said, the implant sits on top of the tendons and does no trouble at all. Just a bit more annoying during healing, I guess, cause there is more movement. But people had steel, titanium and silicone implanted on their hands (and those are really thick, not just 0,4mm :wink: ), if that didn’t affect the tendons, I guess nothing will^^

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Thank you!

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