flexMT, what to do with a uninstalled?

So I have a flexMT I haven’t installed since I ordered it (August 2020, what’s the expiry date on these things?)
I don’t think I have any plans to implant it anymore, not since APEX and flexSecure, what are my options? Can/Should I sell it, or just keep as memorabilia?

As the size and shape of the implant is as it is, I don’t see any point in installing it if I could get a flexSecure as a trade or sell, or just save up.

The chip seems to be working, both LEDs light up, although dim (but can check if they have more power with my XL NFC reader).

Don’t have the RFID reader to test the T5577.
The NFC chip I’m pretty sure have never been written to, only read.

Great implant, and the range is phenomenal.
Although, the FlexMT is a big bitch, which is the only reason I never installed mine, but did I memtion, I was super impressed with the performance.

If you are trying to decide between The FlexSecure and the FlexMT, they are not really comparable.
Two very different purposes.

Is it still inside the polymer bag?

this should answer your question

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Still aching to get that second flexSecure.