FlexNExT and wrist size

Oh awesome! Even with you trying to make it more visible, it’s still hard to see.

I’m hoping my wrist holds up the same. I trust that the installer @ThexTallxDude plans on taking me to can pull it off!

Also makes sense that when you “pinch” it, it becomes more visible. Seeing I will have it on my left wrist, I could pinch and show somebody with my ring hand, as if it were a wristwatch. So neat.

I normally don’t do that, but I tried to show you the edges.

I think you’ll find the edges are more visible with full-blow flexNExT, as they are stiffer. But at least with my doNExT you can see where it is located on my wrist with the center hole.

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So you say the edges might be more visible with the standard FlexNExT?

I assume there still won’t be much of a big difference, if there is any, at least enough to bother me.

And I believe you had said you believe the donut hole in your doNExT seems to make it hold it’s place better?

I wonder if there’s any excess material that could be cut out of a FlexNExT without removing or interfering with the two chips, so the flesh heals through the FlexNExT.

@amal have you thought of something like that?

The flexNExT is less flexible, so the edges don’t fold around your curvy bits as readily.

I don’t think the center hole holds it in place any better than the outer shape of the pocket. It might though, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

There is no way to make a center hole without ripping out the LF part of the flexNExT.

I liked the bananas :banana: :banana: for scale


Guess what: I’m munching on one now, for my efforts :slight_smile:

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Maybe dont place the flexEM in the center, but where one of the LEDs would be, then theres a little cap in the middle you could manually cut out…
Wait no I remember, we’ve been through this before.
Rosco already asked amal all these questions somewhere, look at the development of the doNExT.

It’s in that giant flexNExT thread somewhere. I can’t find it just right now.

We have been through this extensively. Amal had to work quite a bit to devise the doNExT. He even had to relocate the blinkies off-center to maximize the center hole, and IIRC it wasn’t an easy job for him.

EDIT: ah there:


While I’m here… @amal will the white blinky option be added soon?

Thoughts on placement? :doughnut: LOL


ah yes… soon sorry… probably add later tonight or tomorrow…

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Will the white LEDs be the brightest option?

Hard to say… they are good output though… on par with green

This is not the first time my arm has been compared to this lady. I’m starting to regret the hole :slight_smile:


I’m contemplating asking for a similar custom to yours but without the hole (i.e. just the NTAG + LEDs)

What would be the purpose of removing one of the components then, if you’re not freeing up space for a donut hole? Do you just not have much need for the other?

Don’t particularly care for it, and want it to be more flexible. I prefer more invisible implants, at least on my hands / forearms.

Handy ashtray if you start on the smokes again.

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Good thinking. Too bad that’s also the one spot where the feeling has returned the most :wink:

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