FlexNEXT Availability

I read on a thread that the FlexNEXT is discontinued but it’s says on the website that it’s being re-engineered. Can someone clarify whether it’s completely discontinued?

Really, that is an Amal thing to answer. BUT
The FlexNExT had issues with the fragility of the antenna AND the blinkies had some reliability problems AND it became apparent that the overall size was pushing the boundaries of what can fit in the body without being rejected.

Suffice to say, the people still want it and Amal wants to give the people what they want…

I think it is safe to say the first iteration of FlexNExT IS discontinued and there SHOULD be a new version available in the “near” future.

I am not aware of any timeline, but I would say that VivoKey Apex is further up the priority order.

So my guess here is, that sometime after the Apex release there may well be the re-engineered FlexNExT available