FlexNExT questions

I just saw the flexnext on rhe dangerous things store, and had a few questions. First off, they say it’s the same as the NExT implant. Does that mean it will do the same things? Secondly, where would you actually go to have this installed? Us there a place that will officially do it, or do I have to know an emergency room tech or something. Thanks!

It is the same chips at the NExT so it’s a LF rfid chip and a HF NFC chip. The more skilled lads will be here soon to get more technical. You’d have to speak to a professional body mod artist, you can check the partnership map for some around you but might have to search on your own.

It depends on where you live, but you can definitely get a body mod artist to install a flexNExT for you. Check the partner map:

The flexNExT has an NTAG216 that can be read by a phone over NFC, and T5577 chip that can be programmed to work with most legacy RFID systems. The benefit of the flexNExT over the NExT is the size/shape of the antennas. They couple better with conventional readers, which gives you better range. In addition, the flexNExT also has 3 LEDs that light up when near a HF signal.

That’s the understatement of the year.


I’m excited to not have to go,
“hey look at this!”
spends a good 5 minutes trying to get their phone to read my NeXT chip

It really ends up in people thinking its silly and not practical.

When my MagicFlex comes ill be able to do it with such grace, everyone will wanna be a cyborg.

You forgot:
“Then spend 5 more minutes explaining that not all cellphones work, sorry”

That’s pretty much the reason why I had one put in: sharing contacts with people without being an annoyance, and interacting with difficult NFC locks.

yea, some readers are perfect, because they show exactly where to read. but phones are sneaky.

Maybe ill print out the schematics of every phone model i may come into contact with XD

Cellphones are far from the worse offenders. Tabletop readers are much worse.

Basically if you want a guaranteed solid read off a glass implant without too much hunting on a tabletop reader, your only option is there ACR122U (and a few other specialty readers with high power). I have plenty of readers here but there’s all gathering dust apart from the ACR.

agreed, I have the ACR permanently on my desk.

I hope soon I can figure out how to unlock my computer with it without having to press enter, but islog is giving me issues

I’m gonna get berated for mentioning this again, but… :slight_smile:

Rohos Logon key is what you want.

Here look, no enter key (no hands, even :slight_smile:):


Haha, No you won’t! I was only ever pulling your leg, If there is a product/service etc. that is reliable/trusted/ beneficial etc.

As far as I’m concerned, Sing it from the rooftops, everybody wins!

Honestly if I weren’t so grossed out by feet I’d already have this

Surely you’re not grossed out by your own feet :slight_smile:

Also, nothing prevents you from wearing shoes. The reader is high power, it’ll easily go through even a thick sole. You do need a long-range reader though.

My own feet are why I’m grossed out by feet :joy:. But if I could read it through a shoe I think you might’ve just convinced me to get a foot implant

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I would shoot a video to prove it works, but I don’t have shoes :slight_smile:

Here’s some information about the long-range readers that I use.

And with that said, I shall stop derailing this thread about the flexNExT with unrelated LF stuff.

To a bodmod-artist who is used to installing subdermal silicone implants, ideally, because the procedure is pretty much the same. Just look through the portfolios of studios near you, or search the above-mentioned partner map, or tell us in which country you live - in germany, I’ve got a nice recommendation :wink: