So, I ordered a flexNExT a while back, but due to this darn pandemic was unable to find anyone to “install” it.
I just checked the page and it says it’s no longer available because it is undergoing some re-engineering.
I have tried to look around but was unable to find out what was changing. Does anyone have any idea what is changing?
Would it be worth it to wait and get the re-engineered one, or go-ahead and implant the one I currently have?

There were some antenna fragility issues.

So to answer your question, I would reccomend you hold off until you have contacted Dangerous Things via the orange floaty button.

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Thanks Pilgrims!

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Blessing in disguise?


I suggest you read other topics on flexNExT as it is unfortunately very prone to certain malfunctions. I was also blessed, by not having money, atm as I wanted to buy it :smiley:

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