FlexNExT solution evaporated before installation?


I just recently got my FlexNExT installed (which was surprisingly smooth!)
First implant of this size, I’m a touch nervous about aftercare but so far my experience fully lines up with what I was anticipating.

When I first received the package, there was a solution clearly visible in the wallet; after a couple of months I noticed that there was no longer any liquid, and that the wallet had expanded slightly.

On closer inspection there was clearly no leak.
My installer was happy to proceed, we both agreed it’d be best to ask if this is cause for concern / increases infection risk.


AFAIK only the alcohol evaporated and the chlorhex is still there.
Even if chlorhexidine evaporated, there will be a small film of it left protecting it.
I’d say it’s safe to install, but if you wanna be sure, put it in some 70% IPA or chlorhex for some minutes before installing.
EDIT: Okay so you already installed it, either way my point is the same, I don’t think it’s a higher risk of infection.


yeka summed it up perfectly its still super safe

I got a flexMT in a bag (the one it came in) all dried up i asked the same question. Yeka has said exactly the answer i got clorhexidine dosnt really evaporate only the alchol thats used as a medium does.

The device is coated and nothing is small enough to get through the bag other than the alchol so your good to go :slight_smile:

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Yeah we revised our bag sealing process so that doesn’t happen anymore… but it was just like two weeks ago. If you want to exchange it I’d be happy to do that for you.

… oh hah it’s already in… ok. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reassurance hahaha

Can’t wait to be all healed up :sunglasses:

Yeah, if there’s anything I learned hanging out in bars around the world, it’s that alcohol is a terrible thing to waste.


Rosco please don’t drink the solution of your flex implants…

I couldn’t even try it: it sort of evaporated out of my baggie too :slight_smile:

In a similar situation with the flexDF2 and evaporated solution.

Planning to get it implanted soon, have you had any issues since this post?

Does the bag have a sealed flap on it?

Hey @freqyXin long time no see, how is your RFID killer going?

To answer your question above,

The evaporated parts will be the alcohol, there should still be chlorohex remaining on the surface.
You could also just rehouse your flexDF2 into a new container with some 70% isopropyl or chlorohex prior to installing ( remember to allow time for evaporation just prior to installing (60+secs)

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