Flexnt instillation questions


I would like to purchase the flexnt but would like to get some more information first so if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. Does the flexnt have to be installed within a certain period of time after purchase? because I don’t know how long it will take to find someone willing to implant it. Secondly would it be safe to install on the side of my dominant hand in the area between the pinky and wrist? lastly can anyone offer insight as to how day to day activities are affected if at all due to the flexnt?

thanks for your time.


Hi @nate

No as long as it stays sealed in the container it comes in (which has chlorhexidine solution) it will be fine.

Others have installed the flexNT into this area (knife edge of the hand) with mixed results… nobody has had rejection issues but there are tissue tension problems. The reality is that the flexNT is not actually that flexible… it’s not like a piece of paper, it’s more like a very thick business card or a weak plastic credit card.


I have my flexNT in my left forearm. I got in January and I got it installed in the middle of February - glad the bodymod (who did my magnet) had time for the flexNT.

You can’t see i, but you can feel it, when you touch it.