flexNT NFC Chip VS flexMN (Magic NTAG + T5577)

So the flexNT has a 13.56MHz ISO14443A & NFC Type 2 chip and the flexMN has a Magic NTAG and a T5577 chip.

  1. What’s the difference between the flexNT and the flexMN when it comes to their NFC capabilities? (I am specifically wanting to use it for sending people to my Linktree for my digital contact info.)

  2. Which one has a better read range?

  3. I am thinking of getting it implanted in my forearm and wondering if my location idea would work. (see photo)

Probably the most important difference is that the flexMN is no longer made. The magic ntag chips are pretty unstable and die / bork on their own… don’t work well when configured correctly… and generally aren’t a good fit for an implant.


Oh lol okay I will not get that one. Thanks!
Just to make sure the flexNT doesn’t share the same issues?

The flexNT uses a legitimate ntag216 chip from NXP. The “magic” type chips are all Chinese grey market knockoffs with borderline illegal duplication of patented IP. Because of this the factories that make these magic chips are not putting them out with documentation, official support, or - apparently - quality assurance either.


I have had a FlexNT for a few years, it is very close to where you are suggesting for yours

I have a few Flexies, and I would say, the FlexNT is my best performer for range.

I don’t use it as muxh as my FlexM1 or ApexFlex, but when I do, it is the easiest to read.

In my opinion, it would be the best implant for a business card, vCard, Rick Roller.

mine is on my right forearm, If it was on my left, it would be a really good “shortcut” implant, with a simple tap with phone in the right hand to do “a thing”


A few years back, I tried to convince Amal to make me a discontinued FlexMN (wedge), He refused to because the Chip is so shit, and the smaller form factor I wanted, would have only been worse.

Thats the Service and honesty we get from Dangerous Things.

Have you considered the FlexMT
The performance is AMAZING.

Almost like a full sized card.

depending on what you are trying to do, it may be a very good alternative


I got the FlexMT and love it!


So bit of a dumb question but what do people actually use the ApexFlex for since it has no payment capabilities?

Yet !!!


How was the pain getting it installed compared to the basic pos0 of an Xseries?

It was a bigger needle (custom needle) , DONT do that, The hole is not big enough, I needed a scalpel to open it up further.

To answer your question, I generally tell people There is no difference in pain between the xSeries and the custom needle.
However, in this instance I would say, I felt the forearm less, because of fewer nerves