FlexNT Questions

Does the FlexNT come with a sanatary mat, gauges, or a bandage? I don’t see anything listed so I was just wondering what it came with. Also Amal, you said you were working on “a sutureless close procedure for our flex line.” And I was just wondering when do you think we might be able to get that, just wondering since I don’t want to buy one now if I could have just waited a little longer and got the easier one, thanks for your time, I hope to hear from you.

The flex line does not come with any kit materials because it requires such a high level of skill compared to the injectable x-series that there is no point in kitting the flex… you must take it to a professional who can perform the installation for you, and they will have the requisite paraphernalia.

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Thank you for the reply, the closest professional is 3 hours away, so I was trying to avoid having to drive that far but especially for the flex line, I am being convinced that it would be a lot better to get a professional to do it. Also do you know if you would be able to put the anesthetic patch on your finger since I would be likely to have it installed there.

Given the proper professional, I’m pretty sure you won’t have to worry about anesthetic.

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