flexNT removal, due to crushed finger

As the title states…I had a flexNT installed on middle finger of my left hand. It worked beautifully in comparison to my xNT! It was integrated into my phone by turning it to vibrate before I went into a meeting, it also shared my business card and was linked to multiple Samsung shs-3321, rfid door locks<— I believe that is the correct model.
I am a welder and while changing out the large heavy tanks I ended up crushing my middle finger at the joint. Yes it hurt, but I was way to busy to let what I thought was a minor cut and bruising get in the way from me completing the day!
I was left with a swollen finger and a small cut over the edge of the flexNT. So I wrapped it up and ignored it for two days.
On the third day I noticed that my finger was swollen more then the previous days, by a lot.
That’s when I knew my finger was infected…so I went to my local guy that does the flexNT installation with a pain management kit.
We cleaned it up really well then cut the flexNT out of my finger. Yes rather bloody…but finally it came out!
Then I went to urgent care to take care of the infection. They directed me to the local ER where it was thoroughly cleaned and given antibiotics…along with two xrays. The time from xrays to multiple DRs and Nurses showing up in my room to discuss “what is in you hand?” Answer is an xNT and an xG3…used to be a flexNT as well.
I would be happy to provide a photo or two if allowed? Rather bloody, FYI.


Well it’s taken me some time to decide how to respond to this. At first I thought about removing this post and addressing things with you directly, but for now I will leave it up.

The flexNT does reduce the robustness of the skin directly above it… for obvious reasons. You are inserting it into the connective fascia tissue between dermis and underlying muscle, bone, and tissue. There will naturally be a bit of weakness incurred.

If you grant permission, I’d like to use the photos in the future… probably as an example of blunt force trauma and it’s possible effects on flex implant sites.

Now some questions;

  • did the flexNT still work?

  • do you need or want a replacement?

  • how are you healing up?



I applaud you for not removing (although maybe a spoilers tag to show a nsfw warning or something)

And yeah best of luck to that user, that can’t be nice

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I have healed up very well! No pain of any kind. My finger is back to 100%! I would love a replacement! I am very happy with all of the products and services at DT


Hi Nbvcxz,

I’m on it :slight_smile: I will send you out a new FlexNT on Monday. We appreciate you sharing your entire experience with all of us.

I think you’ve demonstrated very well how important it is to address an injury quickly to an area that has a shallow implant such as the FlexNT on the knuckle, the goal being to contain the trauma and minimize infection.

Even though the documented extraction was on par with a horror movie, in addressing it relatively quickly, the end result is a tidy inconspicuous scar, well done.

My best,



Quite an educational story, thank you for sharing!

I’m glad you healed up. I’ll be honest, the nurses coming in and asking what’s in your hand made me chuckle. These types of situations are going to happen for a handful of us, especially for those who work with heavy gear.

I hope this doesn’t deter you from getting another implant in the future.


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Kudos for sharing this story. Amazing how the human body can heal after such wounds. So glad you are well recovered.


It’s a bit … hard indeed! But I am used to being a carer at the base.
I had cut myself the left yearbook years before my first implant. I wonder what that would have given with a flexNT?:thinking:
However, why not develop an implant that protects the tendons from shocks? Your misfortune may well serve our cause eventually!:grinning:
A bad for a good ! :joy: Dangerous Thing, I think there is an idea to develop behind all that!

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