FlexNT stopped responding

I have an implanted flexnt that isn’t responding to the dngr.us keyboard scanner thinger or my phone.

What’s my next troubleshooting step?

Taginfo scan on your phone…

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Yep, tried that. No response at all

Could you give us some more information to go on?
How long has it been implanted?
Have you had any reads/ writes?
Where is it implanted?
What exactly have you tried so far…

is pretty vague

I don’t want to tell you to suck eggs, ie, is you screen on, NFC on, cover off etc

Help us out so we can to help you out.

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in order:

implanted since march 2020
Plenty of reads/writes, maybe 10 writes total and about 10 reads per day since then
implanted on the knife edge of the left hand
I’ve tried scanning it with the dngr.us KBR1 and tried scanning it with my S10+ with no cover and NFC on, using the NXP taginfo app. I did a verification scan on the desfire implanted in the same location on the other hand as an idiot check and it scanned successfully. The chip in question on my left hand gets no response at all, vs an error response.

Well, it sounds like you know what you are doing.
It was working, it is no longer working.

If your phone could read it, I would have suggested using TagWriter and try to format???
But then if your phone could read you wouldn’t need to format :man_shrugging:

What was the last thing you did with it when it worked?

I’m thinking you may need to contact DT…



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I haven’t written to it in probably 1-2 months, that implant is just used every day with the KBR1 as the password for my computer.

Luckily I wrote it down lul… :frowning:

If Amal does not grace my thread with his presence I will use the contact form

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Does it work intermittently, or not at all? If you apply pressure to different parts of the tag with your finger while trying to get a read does it work?

Just use the contact form now. He doesn’t check every thread and he doesn’t check every day. The contact form is there for exactly this type of issue. It sends an email to Amal and mdanger. You can just put a link to the thread in the message.

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