FlexNT stopped working. Debug help?

Hey everyone,

I’ve had my FlexNT in the back of my hand for a little over a year now and it’s been working great. I’ve been using it around 2-5 times a day for starting audiobooks in my car and unlocking my computer. The other day, I had some difficulty getting it to read on the KBR1 and now it won’t read it at all. I’m attempting to use NFC Tools to read from it and it’s getting nothing. If I run a different NFC tag across my phone, it reads just fine. Feeling around, it doesn’t seem like the tag itself is damaged. I can still find all four corners and it moves relatively freely like it always has. Is there a way for me to debug this? I’d at least like to figure out if I somehow bricked it before getting it removed…

I also did a lot of flying the last week. Previously, it has gotten tender when changing altitude rapidly. It isn’t tender now but could the altitude change affect it at all?

Hey Neurotrace,

We suspect the FlexNT is dead. Flying tenderness is odd, the unit should have no bearing on this. We will replace the unit free of charge, please PM me your shipping details. I would also like to get the suspect unit back so we can evaluate it and test it; I’ll send you a return label for it.

We want to see if the coating failed or if the chip was damaged. Also, can you recall if the implant was placed black side up or down? Look forward to getting this information from you when you get a chance.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience,


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Thanks for responding. That is really weird and I’ll definitely contact you over PM for the shipping details.

I distinctly remember installing it black side down so that, I believe, the transponder is closer to the surface and improve the signal. As soon as I can get an appointment to get it removed I will send it back and let you guys take a look at it.

Thanks again