FlexNT, xEM, and an MRI

Hi all, I recently had to get an MRI, so I came here to see what had been said about getting one with my implants (a flexNT and an xEM). I found a few things all of which were reassuring (especially the ‘infirmation sheet/safety guarantee’ for the xXX line) but since it was mostly anecdotal for the flex line I wanted to post my experience.

I had an MRI for my lower back and was required to lay my hands by my sides, so directly adjacent to the area that was imaged. I experienced absolutely no pulling or other sensations and both chips still work without issue. Hopefully this is reassuring for the next person who finds this post.


Hi mercurito,

Did you tell the radiology staff about the implant?
Why was their reaction, were there any issues?

Ah yes, I should have said.

I did tell the doctor who scheduled the scan, I wrote it on the intake form, and the tech asked me before starting the proceedure. I had the document Amal wrote stating that the x-series is safe up to 7T, but the tech was satisfied with me saying it was certified safe and is similar to the ID chips used in pets. The machine apparently operated at 1.5T, so explicitly mentioning the upper limit of 7T stated on the paper was probably helpful.

I should also note this was done in Norway. The medical system here is decent, perhaps it’s different than the US or other places.


Don’t take the words of an uneducated idiot like me, but I believe the flex should be even less of an issue than the x-series because they don’t have the ferrite core …

Curious to see the implants through MRI of you’re ok sharing

I would, but I don’t have the images yet. Moreover the tech told me they weren’t visible in the image, she avoided them. When I see them I’ll look for the implants and share here if they’re present.