Flipper LF reads

Project: Continuing my education in RFID tech.

When Flipper scans LF RFID you can choose whether it scans ASK, PSK or alternate between both.
I noticed it finds the LF side of the xMagic and the Diagnostic Card when in ASK scanning.

Can I switch it to only scan in ASK or are there situations (in the sub-dermal implant field) where PSK will come in handy?

ASK is the simplest of these techniques, and is used for low-speed data transmission. FSK is more complex and is used for high-speed data transmission. PSK is the most complex of the three, and is used for very high-speed data transmission.

Basically I don’t think there are many LF chips with high data rate applications so it’s unlikely… but nice it’s possible.


In the settings Flipper gives the choice of scan between:
“Read ASK (RDX, Regular)” and
“Read PSK (Indala)”
So presumably Indala has high-speed data transmission.

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Thanks LabRat, after reading your post I spent some more money just then and ordered a Flipper.


Great, I think you will really enjoy it. It’s a pretty versatile tool.

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Possibly! I don’t think I’ve ever come across a legit Indala transponder in the wild