Flipper :flipper: & MiFare

that’s mful but yes it does check the originality sig

Just chiming in here, it was indeed the ICT originality signature which stopped us from getting a working clone. We were able to find all the keys with the Proxmark3 and crack/emulate with Flipper once those keys were added into the Flipper’s dictionary file.

For this to work the system either needs to not check the signature or have this functionality turned off as would likely be the case when you use different brands of tags/readers/controllers together rather than a end to end ICT brand system.

ICT and Gallagher systems are both made domestically here in NZ but i’m sure there is a similar set of circumstances with other brands abroad.

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the flipped doesn’t dump or emulate the sig so it won’t be that

Huh? Surely if it doesn’t dump the signature, and the system requires the signature to accept they key then that is a reason for it not to work?

To be clear it did not work with the Flipper emulating, despite having all the keys and being able to read the whole card.

the mifare classic ev1 signature, that which is found in the hidden sector 17 and which uses a default key is not dumped, nor emulated.

The signature is nothing to do with keys or authentication of the rest of the card’s data beyond the presence check of the signature. which is hardly ever done because most companies do not utilise the sig.

you can check the PCAP of the comms between emulator and reader to see if the signature sector is being accessed.

it’s most likely not the lack of sig. it’s most likely the flippers frequency issue with mifare classic.