:flipper: Flipper Zero - IR library option

This forum is an RFID centric forum, but this is the lounge, so I don’t feel too bad posting this here.
I’ll also link to it in the main Flipper thread

OK, so here is a dumb but usable little option for the Flipper Zero

A little background as to why I even thought about this…if you care, otherwise skip down to the bottom ¼

The last time I travelled to Vietnam, I had my usual two cellphones with me: my daily driver and my spare that I would use to throw a local simcard in, when I arrived into a new country.
(I now use a dual Sim phone)

The room we got had an AC but you had to pay for the AC remote seperately!!! this was not advertised, there was no mention of it anywhere, this was a hidden cost that I only found out at the reception desk…Well Not this guy; No Siree Bob

If you told me upfront, or just add it to the price, no problem, It was a “fuck all” fee per day anyway, I’ll pay it, but try an hide it or scam me, FUCK YOU.


So I politely declined the remote. and headed off to my room, The Penthouse!!!
I know what you are thinking, “Pretty fancy, Pilgrim
In the booking blurb, It even mentioned it had a view of the Pool.

Obviously, It was the top floor, but not so obviously, the elevator was out of service, so up the stairs I went, and yes, I was nice and warm by the time I got to the top.

I opened the door, A wave of heat pushed past me to escape the furnace of the room it was previously trapped in; there was an AC unit on the wall, but "no remote, no worky "

Oh well, it has windows and a balcony, it’ll be fine, I’ll only be in the room from late at nights until early in the mornings any way.
I walk over and open the door to my balcony, I look at my “as advertised” view to the enticing cooling looking swimming pool…of the neighbouring hotel’s pool, That apparently I can’t use. :laughing:
Oh well, not the end of the world and it’s actually pretty funny.

Thanks Booking .com

Back in the room, I looked longingly at the AC unit on the wall, I’m pretty sure it was looking longingly back at me wanting me to turn it on :wink: , but I cant be 100% certain of that.
I see the little black square in the bottom corner

Fortunately, I remembered my spare cellphone has an IrDA-equipped functionality.
(Samsung Galaxy S5), I think this was the last phone I owned with that functionality.

Playstore :arrow_right: download AC remote function :arrow_right: Blasting :snowflake:


A little bit of effort, but 5 mins to save having a sweaty nut-sack :cherries: in >90% humidity, I think it was worth it.

This was also the last time I used the IR functionality, up until yesterday…
Keep reading the remainder of the post for more info and the actual idea.

Im sure most of us here travel with some RFID tools, but I also travel with a set of these in my bag.

The link if you’re interested

for more handy dandy travel tips, subscribe to my… :rofl:

The practalaties for this specific use are obviously not the smarterest

You need the phone - to download the app - to teach the flipper. Just use the damn phone, or just travel with a universal remote. I didn’t say this was the best idea, just possible… (I actually said it was a dumb idea, so you only have yourself to blame for reading this far :rofl:)

However, if you have a number of IR devices, it might be worth getting an old phone with IR functionality, for a just in case or to build your IR library.

I just grabbed one to try yesterday.
I had a brief though to start a mass collation, to share the ALL the files but it was only very brief…fuck that for a joke. that would be a huge effort, for likely very litte use, and a script jockey could probably nab them all far more efficiently.

Here is an example for JUST A.C. remotes

besides, There are already libraries out there, and this solution would be more for the AdHoc, one off, as and when required basis when you can’t find it elsewhere.

.apk repositories are another great place to look.
https://apk.cafe/ , https://m.apkpure.com/ etc.

I Really hope this helps somebody else, it took far longer to write than it should have.


I know how it is…

At least your hotel experience wasn’t as bad as the Airbnb encounter I had not so long ago… :nauseated_face: