Flipper Zero or not

Are they easy to update? How are they updated?

Update: Nevermind, Seems pretty easy.

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If I can manage to not just update, but load custom firmware… nearly anyone can

The very first time you plug it into a computer via usb c and run the flipper program… it does everything for you

After that there’s a Bluetooth app for your phone that lets you just press update or manually give it firmware files


Fun fact, There’s a wearOS app for the flipper, Makes me wanna pull the trigger on one now :sunglasses:


@philidelphiaChickens - yeah, it’s the small form factor that makes me very interested.
@mfries18 - having watched several tutorials, it seems proper quick when emulating, again another factor that made me interested.
@Eriequiet - yeah, no mad pentesting actions required.
@Zeno - ooooft. WearOS app…

Thanks all.


Yeah, its pretty limited, but works.

Basically you connect to Flipper via you watch and can emulate from your saved files.

I had a play a while back,
in this post

:fu: Fuck the RDV4 :pm3_rdv4:
:pm3_easy: Get a PM3 (you will be covered for everything)
once you have a tick in the PM3 box
:flipper: Get yourself a Flipper :flipperzero_white:

Explanation below

I am a huge fan of the Flipper.
I also have an RDV4 AND an Easy,

FIRST and foremost
You “need” a ProxMark3, of any description.

if you have an Easy, you do not need an RDV4.
If you have an RDV4, you probably thought the same as me “its much more expensiver, so it must be betterer”

You want a Flipper, and you will have fun playing with the functionality, the size is great and more portable than a PM3 and laptop.
In time, I think the Flipper will be all that most people will need for basic read write functionality, but my opinion, its not quite there yet.

The flipper reads implants really easily, including xSeries, and better than either of the PM3s

Reading and writing LF chips is simple, and covers most common modes.
Also emulates
It also reads easily, BUT it cannot yet write to a Mifare Classic as easily as you would hope/expect. (Not as simple as LF side)
I’ll do a write up at some stage, but here is not the place to do that.
also emulates

This may be of use

If you want to keep it factory, thats the way to go
You are missing out on a bunch of other functionality and libraries, if you want that, try my link above

There is, and I have/do use it, personally I prefer Cable
for the stablity and faster connection

Totally agree, I dont regularly carry it in my pocket, but have from time to time if I have a “reason”, But ALWAYS have it in my quick access pocket in my backpack.


See my post above.
I can see some uses for it, but realistically you can do it all from your bluetooth connection screen emulation on your phone, and the phone is better, so I wouldnt call the Wear OS functionality a selling point, merely a capability.

Thats my 2 cents and I probably didn’t need to share, as the other guys covered it above, but I hope there was something of use in there…


Important context also,
@Pilgrimsmaster probably has the notable title of “person who waited the longest for a flipper”

He was a kick starter backer, and most of us that were pre orders got ours first

Go read the flipper thread and look at all the glorious Mr.Bean waiting gifs…

(Sorry for the salt in the wound lol )

All this is to say, Pilgrim shouldn’t be as huge of a proponent as he is…if it wasn’t worth it :wink:


I ordered mine a few weeks ago. I am so excited about it that its been bleeding into my dreams… hahaha!


I hear ya. I almost cried when mine arrived. Wasn’t expecting it until after Christmas but arrived on Friday.

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Mine arrived today but I am away from home for another three weeks… The wait is killing me!

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I know how you feel, Mine shipped yesterday, Pretty sure the weather on the east coast isn’t helping any.


I did a test yesterday

I timed the updates via cable vs Bluetooth

The times were virtually identical, so my statement that the cable is faster than Bluetooth was wrong, however, I have had Bluetooth disconnect in the past, so cable is still my preferred way, but speed-wise, no diff

~9 mins if you were wondering ( there was about 15 secs difference between Cable and Bluetooth )


Toy is here


Welcome to the Flipper Collective @Mewb1nt :flipperzero_white:

(Sounds like a Star Wars charachter)

@Cali , I am excited for you. It is such a great tool/ toy and compliments Implants :syringe: really well

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Go for Proxmark3 rdv4

Get both a Proxmark and a Flipper.


Agreed, and in that order

A ProxMark3 yes, just not an RDV4…its really not worth the extra money…
I think the “4” represents 4 x the price.

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I don’t have a proxmark, but I only have an xSIID and an xEM. My Flipper Zero works absolutely amazingly with both of my implants. I have used it a ton for non implant related things too. I have used it to unlock my car when I didn’t have the key, it’s gotten me into places I probably shouldn’t have been and it’s been a universal remote for everything ir in my house. The proxmark is great if all you care about is your implants but get some custom firmware on a flipper(I forked rogue master) and it opens up all sorts of pen testing abilities.

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Yeah, Your situation is a perfect usecase for just a Flipper (and a smart phone presumably)

Just curious. What pent testing abilities does it open up? I kind of want to get one. But I already have a Proxmark RDV4, Icopy-X and some other tools.

I was wondering if it would be good idea to get a Flipper or just get something like the HackRF, Ubertooth One, etc. and have more control.