Flipper Zero or not

Agreed, and in that order

A ProxMark3 yes, just not an RDV4…its really not worth the extra money…
I think the “4” represents 4 x the price.

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I don’t have a proxmark, but I only have an xSIID and an xEM. My Flipper Zero works absolutely amazingly with both of my implants. I have used it a ton for non implant related things too. I have used it to unlock my car when I didn’t have the key, it’s gotten me into places I probably shouldn’t have been and it’s been a universal remote for everything ir in my house. The proxmark is great if all you care about is your implants but get some custom firmware on a flipper(I forked rogue master) and it opens up all sorts of pen testing abilities.

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Yeah, Your situation is a perfect usecase for just a Flipper (and a smart phone presumably)

Just curious. What pent testing abilities does it open up? I kind of want to get one. But I already have a Proxmark RDV4, Icopy-X and some other tools.

I was wondering if it would be good idea to get a Flipper or just get something like the HackRF, Ubertooth One, etc. and have more control.

It kind of allows you to have a much more portable SDR with you. Albeit, the frequency range is kind of limited but it can do all sorts of stuff and you can add custom frequencies(don’t go too far outside the default range though as you will quickly have very high SWR) with custom firmware(or modified stock firmware.) It can let you get into older cars, brute force RFID scanners, and more. If it emits an RF signal under 1GHz it can probably be emulated by a flipper

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I have a flipper and love it especially for RFID but also Sub-Ghz for controlling things around the house.
However, I am wondering if there is any possibility of using an NFC tag to unlock the flipper in lieu of a pin? Ideally, it would be great to unlock the flipper using the UID of an NFC tag. I am envisioning a prompt similar to unlocking the controls (three back button presses) to activate the NFC reader to avoid any battery discharge issues during standby. Does anyone know if this would be possible, or could point me in the right direction of creating this functionality myself?

I would look into custom firmware. It’s pretty easy to modify and is completely open source. You could definitely add that. Here’s a link to the original firmware although there’s a lot of other open source custom ones that are great: GitHub - flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware: Flipper Zero firmware source code