Flipper Zero trouble writing xMagic 125kHz T5577

I can read/write the NFC Magic chip, and I can read from the T5577 chip. Only thing I’m having difficulty with is writing to the T5577 from my Flipper Zero. I’ve used F0 to write a bunch of other cards and stickers, but I seem to have difficulty writing the implant.

FYI, the implant is very newly installed, so I do understand if my skin just needs some more time to heal and that will somehow do something to the chip.

Mostly just wondering if other people have had similar issues and I need a PM3 or something. Just trying to stay ahead of the curve here. I’m already a happy customer just from the working Magic 1k chip.

Yep, this :point_up:

Mine works flawlessly, but mines been installed for ages, im sure yours will be the same

Not at all

It depends on what you plan to do, but genreally a Flipper and NFC capable phone will do most things for most people

Me too with the xMagic magic 1k and T5577


You should wait a couple weeks. My Xsiid didnt have much swelling and i was able to read/write and see the LED immediately after install and i never had any noticable swelling and healing was about a day or so.

My Xmagic though was a different story. Same process of installing the Xsiid, but the gauge needle was a bit larger. I got quite a bit of swelling and it took about 2 weeks before i could even get a read on the Xmagic on either side.

Nothing to be concerned with. let your body do what body’s do and itll be fine. The flipper in my opinion is a bit more userfriendly than the PM3 just because of how generous it is with its continuous read, so you can learn the proper way to position it to get a read vs the PM3. So just wait a bit before you pull the trigger on it…

Or wait for the next new new from DT and bundle it in.


Mine works flawlessly, but mines been installed for ages, im sure yours will be the same

Just out of curiosity, how long has your xMagic been installed? Wondering how long the xMagic product has been around for.

it was released at the end of May

@Hamspiced experience is pretty typical.

2 Weeks is generally what we tell everybody to wait before expecting consistent reads

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Got it working, thanks everyone!

I used the X Field Detector that was included in the kit to figure out where on the Flipper the signal was the strongest and the many places around the flipper where there was no or very little power. Long story short, with this additional information from this wonderful tool (thanks!), I was able to easily program the RFID part of the xMagic.

Thanks to the community for reassurance. Now I’m jealous of @Hamspiced with their xSIID. Maybe I’ll go that route for L0, but not until the next new new thing from DT comes out.


If you want a blinky like his
I wouldn’t reccomend P0 for 2 reasons

  1. The skin is thinner on the back of the hand so it will shine brighter and bonus easy to read

  2. Personally I think P0 should be reserved for a 2in1 like a NExT or xMagic OR an implant you will use a lot (access etc.).

I had an xEM and xM1 side by side in my P0 , but as soon as my xMagic arrived, it was out with the old and in with the new.

Thats just my opinion though, so up to you


Dont be jealous! i love the Xsiid, i just wish the 125k lights were in stock so i can have my own field detector in my hand.

I also am waiting on the next thing. I keep telling myself its going to be something similar to the Xbt. or maybe Dsruptive releases a new version of their Temp Chip but with other features like BP monitoring… I keep going back and forth about a magnet i just wish the current glassies had sensing.


The xG3 has sensing and is a glassie… :stuck_out_tongue:

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light sensing from what i read. its hit or miss based on location, i feel like something new is afoot so rather than plunge ill keep reading.


I installed my Xsiid in R0 and i decided afterwards for ease of use to change the position of my Xmagic.

Using the 0 location between my thumb and index made for very awkward angles that seemed unnatural to me. so i did lots of self testing (taping the detection keychain to parts of my hand) and it seemd for the Xsiid to be at R0 was perfect for my use case (Sharing contact info/rickrolling/venmo links) to peoples phones, with how they hold their instrument.

For access however, L3 made the most sense and felt the most natural for me. I am right handed, and presenting my left hand thumb up gave me the most natural range of motion in presenting to wall mounted vertical scanners. Everyone’s use my differ, but i have my Xmagic at L3 slightly more towards the wrist than most of the DT Diagrams have for placement just to avoid the extensor hood.