Flu shot reaction?

Okay this is a weird one: I got the flu shot yesterday in my left arm, and today I feel a vague sensation of coldness around the two old glass implants in my hand (an IAR and a DT), sometimes feelings of “electric shocks”, and my thumb twitches slightly every 2 or 3 minutes.

Never had that before. Could it be a weird reaction? The doc did say this year’s cocktail was likely to elicit a strong reaction and she was right: my biceps really is quite sore, and I feel like crap. But a reaction with the implants all the way down in my hand? That seems unlikely. Still, it’s the first time anything like this has happened.

I haven’t done anything remotely physical with my hand, neither implant has shifted or feels broken, and they both work fine.

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I got a shot this year, and only had mild soreness at injection site. Lasted a day maybe.

I know it ain’t much help, but that’s all I got.

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Vaccines contain immuno-irritators to “wake up” your immune system to the elements it is supposed to be forming anti-bodies against… so perhaps your white blood cells are poking at the implants a bit… though this usually results in redness and inflammation and basically the opposite of what you’re experiencing.

Nerve recovery from installation does do some strange things, so perhaps there is a nervous system interaction with your immune system that is causing some sort of sensation at those locations… or it could be psychosomatic. Dunno. Haven’t heard of this before.


Maybe psychosomatic. Maybe I grabbed something in the workshop yesterday and knocked a nerve or something.

But what worries me more is, the feeling is diffuse, but if I had to hazard a guess, I’d say it’s centered around the IAR. And when I arrived at work this morning, it only opened my locker with great difficulty. But then, I arrived late, so maybe the lock was asleep. I just checked with my cellphone, and while it isn’t a definite thing, I have a vague feeling it doesn’t have quite the usual range.

It don’t feel broken or anything. Strange…

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indeed… does it feel swollen at all? any pains if you poke at it real good?

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No. Not swollen, not red, no nothing. It feels solid and in one piece. And it does answer, just a tad less well - I think. Maybe I’m imagining it. But funky sensations are there.

I think I’ll just wait and see. Not much else I can do anyway :slight_smile:


Took me a long time to believe it,

I tried to come up with other ideas or theory’s, but more and more evidence is presenting

Rosco is weird



I’m ready to believe that :slight_smile: Maybe I’m paying too much attention to that hand, because quite frankly, the IAR implant is a bit of a cause for concern, now that I know what I didn’t know when I implanted it.

out of curiosity, what is that?

Well, there are some concerns regarding the construction of IAR implants - glass or otherwise - and reports of broken implants. I’m not gonna knock them, but it’s easy enough to find if you search the forum.

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oohh right that… fun stuff!

Nah, Rosco usually is pretty realistic…

See? He believes in Science!



Alright, looks like he got the Bill Gates Special shot.

Maybe, I think it is.

Occam’s Razor

Did you forget your tinfoil hat last night when you went to bed? Everyone knows it stops Amal and Bill Gates.

I think you do have them. Yeah… They are there…

On a serious note, I think this would be the issue before the Flu Shot. I have never heard of that being a side effect, and I feel that plenty of women who have the birth control implant, should have reported that with trials.

Also! Just because I haven’t heard of this, doesn’t mean it is impossible. I get funny feelings/pain around my xLED in my arm. I just want to be clear, I am not ACTUALLY dismissing what is happening to you.

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I wouldn’t have asked if it wasn’t such an odd correlation. I mean those two glassies have been in my hand since the last ice age, and 8 hours after a flu shot - the only thing out of the ordinary to happen anywhere near them for a long time - I get those strange sensations. I know correlation isn’t causation, but still…

Anyhow, 45 minutes of cycling in 30 degree weather seems to have taken care of the twitch and the electric shocks. They seem to have gone away. I still feel the cold patch, but I’ll see tomorrow morning if it stops too.

Re performances, the lock opened like a champ when I left the office. I guess it was in deep sleep when I arrived late this morning. It took the doNExT to wake it up: even the flexM1 couldn’t rouse it.