Fob clone to NExT implant

Hi all. Got a silly question.
Can I go to a locksmith to clone my lf fob and copy it to my NExT implant ?

Not Silly, just an unlikely possibility.
They MAY have Car Key fob cloners, but UNLIKELY they will have anything in the 125kHz or 13.56Mhz range.

As you are on the GoldCoast if you DM @fraggersparks he may be able to “point you in the right direction”

Actually, I think @Compgeek may have already mentioned Fragger to you.

DO you have any more Info on your LF Fob? EM, HID, AWID ?

Hey. Thanks for the quick reply.
I think fraggersparks has gone AWOL.
My PM3 won’t detect it but I can detect other fobs.
I’ll keep trying.
Thanks again.

He is likely busy working in the background on the VivoKey / Apex.
He does show up on the forum every couple of days.

Now that is strange.
RDV4 or Easy or other?
How certain are you that it is LF?
Do you have any further info on it?
What commands are you running?
what results are you getting?
Can you read your NExT?
Is it only your Fob you are having problems with?


I’ve been very busy with a bunch of R&D for VivoKey.

I think it’s a RDV4.

I have a trace I need to analyse for him.

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Yes it’s a RDV4

Hi all.
Kev from Gold Coast Australia.
I was hoping someone could tell me what this fob is.
It’s 125 KHz.
Trying unsuccessfully to clone it. Thanks in advance.

What does proxmark detect it as? Do you have a picture of the reader this is used with (often knowing the brand can help to pinpoint what it is)? As usual, the more info we have to work with the better (clone traces, etc.)

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Hi thanks for the reply.
I have a proxmark 3 rdv4
I says no data found

Is that having run lf search? How do you know it is 125 kHz (did you use the RFID diagnostic card on the reader)? Do you happen to know the intended use / application of it?

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I used lf search and lf search U.
I want to clone it to my next chip I will get implanted to open the door to my complex. I used dangerous things diagnostic card to determine if hf or of

Hmmmm, its slightly concerning that it does not detect anything at all when running a lf search then. Especially since I presume that the fob still works, so it is not likely to be an issue with the fob itself…

Only thing I can suggest is trying to get a pic of the reader / see if the reader is branded, often people can find the datasheet of them. Have you successfully read any other LF tags before?

Other than that, I’m out of ideas sorry. Hopefully there will be others who are more knowledgeable and can offer more insight. (many users are in America / Europe, so overnight you should hopefully get some more responses). Other places to potentially get help are the Proxmark forums (though they are not very friendly for beginners) or the Proxmark discord server (though I am struggling to find an invite link)

Good luck!

The fob still works.
I can read other fobs.
I got the proxmark from LAB401.
Thanks heaps for trying to help me.

Ahhh, I more meant a picture of the reader that your complex uses - that’s the system that your tag needs to work with. In addition, if you’re trying to read a fob / card with the ProxLF antenna, that might be causing issues - its designed to work best with cylindrical implants, and as such does not couple well with flat antenna designs.

How do you know this?

Also the proxLF antenna isn’t ideal for these types of tags the flat one would be better.

I agree with the advice you have been given so far.

  • A photo of reader(s)
  • Use the flat antenna (Still surprised that the DT LF antenna is not working)
    When you try and read it with the flat antenna, try and place the fob something like this

It could be one of a variety of LF options, but it looks similar to what I have commonly seen as EM41xx which is the same as your NExT would have arrived from DT as; Therefore have you tried to swipe your NExT on the reader?
You should get a denied access but if it reacts, that is a good sign.

Do you have a test card (T5577), one should have been included with your PM3, and do you also have a blue cloner?

Are you in a position to speak to the system administrator about the make and model of the access system?

Somewhat confusing but they answered this here:

But multi readers are a thing there is a chance with the card I could have been held in a place where lf coupling was good but hf coupling wasn’t :thinking: