Forearm implant location?

Hello y’all,

I’m looking at the Spark2 I have sitting in it’s box/bag …

Had anyone implanted X-serie implant in the forearm?
I’m thinking in the inner side near the elbow might be nice for auth. and testing …

This will not be use for access control, I got other implants for that :yum:

Also, is the Spark2 only able to store a urs or is it a full fledge ntag (like the xNT) on top of the crypto auth through the Vivokey portal?
Is it still worth installing? (I have it, no investment on my part other than the install)


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I would avoid anywhere which has skin that stretches with movement. There would definitely be worse places but I could see the constant movement there being an issue. I have one on the opposite side of my arm to where you drew a circle (maybe a tad closer to the hand) and it’s been fine for 2+ years.

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I really like the location for practicality but you make a good point about the skin flexing :+1:

Do you have yours on the underside?
How is it laying your arm on a table edge/arm rest?

Nah I have it on the back outerside. There’s very little skim movement there, and as you say you’re not resting on it when you put your arms on the table etc.

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Thank, you definitely gave me food for thoughts :grin:

I have a flex implant on back of my forearm, just above the wrist and it has been excellent for all the reasons you mentioned, presenting to a reader for auth, using a phone etc

I have 4 glass implants in my forearm, one 2” below my elbow on top (xg3v2)
One on top of my wrist where the bones split
Spark 2 and xNT underside, about middle, near the outside edge

Wrist is amazingly useful, the rest can be used but aren’t immediately convenient

Yes, Myself.

I don’t remember.


That’s what my head is at, thanks for confirming :+1:
My NeXT is R0 is moving around (no bother) but it “settled” in a “channel” going from the original injection site to the middle of the wrist … If it doesn’t read I have to “look” for it :sweat_smile:

Also left wrist is out for me because I wear a mechanical watch so too much metal for an implant or magnet there …

How did you pick the orientation?
My original thought was 90deg from what you mentioned …

That sure surprises me.

I mean… @asj raised a good point: that location would be really hard for the healing and highly prone to migration. Although with the proper care and patience it’s fine.

But most of all, I feel like it’s one of the worse places for authentication.

I really struggle to get that region near any of my building readers, my computer and tablet readers. my door reader… all of which are almost impossible to present a tag there.

Then I thought… maybe you’re talking about a phone-driven usage.
So I put on a tag on that location (bigger antenna than an implant, and on the outside of the skin), dressed for winter (aka long sleeves, jumper and a coat)… And could not get a read on my phone.

So… to placate my curiosity, would you mind sharing what kind of authentication you feel like it’s easier to present that region to? :thinking:

My experience has only been parallel with the arm… I’d strongly recommend this orientation, I’d guess the other direction would either be less comfortable or would spin due to migration forces

My arm locations and my wrist palm location that’s semi relevant

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Those make more sense to me.
it’s easy to present the exterior of your arm to wall mounted readers, and the inside of the wrist is easy to present to phones and keyboard/tablet mounted readers.

But on the inside, near the elbow… I’m really curious what becomes easier to present to. ^^

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Exactly, with my iPhone, In theory a perpendicular orientation would make for a more convenient read with an iPhone top nfc

But, truth be told, my xNT and spark 2 struggle to read… not terribly so, but I definitely can’t use a case… either lesser performance in general or deeper install or both…. So I wouldn’t expect kind blowing convenience either way

I AM considering doing an apex install running parallel along the inside of my arm because as I remember max flex’s read better wide than tall

That should be better performance AND a more natural angle for self phone scanning

Your option is still closer to the wrist.

On a cold day you can just roll up your sleeve a bit and the location is readily available.

But near the inside of the elbow as per OP’s image… that just gets harder.

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The inner forearm would be for the Spark2
Phone driven for personal use only, not sharing with other.

That’s partly why I want to confirm the scope of the Spark2 … For 2FA type things I would never need to present it (I got the NeXT for that)

My access control implants are in the hand between the thumb and index.

I really like the outside of the arm,
@eriequiet how’s the magnet in the arm?
Also, if you don’t mind me asking, what do you use the Spark for other than Vivokey login from the phone?

The Spark is really to test the Vivokey platform …
I am also considering an Apex, maybe the under side of the wrist, easy to present and easy to read with a phone :thinking:

oh, Makes more sense.
Then… have you considered that heavy/winter coats might prevent you from reading it there?

Although if it’s mostly for testing purposes, should be fine.

Yep, that makes sense!

Still, I was hoping to hear something weirder, like “I got one of those single wheel bikes and want to put the ignition control there”… :joy:

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Dam, you crack me up! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m weird, but not THAT weird :rofl:
And I live in a warm place … I don’t want to stay more than a day or 2 in a place I need a jack t outside :sweat_smile:

Out of curiosity, any implant support FIDO2?

The Apex and FlexSecure ones do.
The Spark doesn’t afaik.

Magnets pretty much worthless in its current location

I can’t speak to all arms, but I also tried middle of the arm also with a xg3v1… there’s more tissue and thicker skin, and very little “pushing it” against the skin from underneath… so it tends to be a very deep install

And the magnetic curve… there’s little to no useable force left… I can barely get a paperclip to stick… I would imagine a chip would be a very hard read

Luckily my ear buds have a magnet on them, so that helps with the magnetic force a bit, but still not what I want… so I can lightly stick my earbuds to my arm… but not securely

Kinda a failed project, but nothing ventured nothing gained

I use the spark 2 and the xNT as storage for a for links,… came in a bundle (and gotta catch ‘em all) so I wanted more “slots” even if they aren’t as useable

I believe my xNT is a copy of my vax record, and I think the spark 2 directs to a copy of my drivers license… not technically official but it’s helped in a pinch

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