Formatted XM1 with NFC Tools Pro and now I have problems reading it

I got XM1 “magic” chip installed 2 days ago. It was working fine albeit the correct placement of the phone to read it was a bit finicky. Anyway, I wanted to clear whatever URLs and shit I’ve put there for testing and used the format option in NFC Tools Pro. Now I almost can’t read my chip, 90% it gives “reading error”, I can’t write to it either. It sometimes detects correctly but longer operations like writing a dump are impossible.
I don’t have a USB reader at hand right now so I can’t use anything other than a phone.
If I did ruin the thing, let me know as I’d rather take it out sooner than later.

EDIT: hmm, I see that it states “NdefFormatable”. I am just thinking that it was formatted to ndef before, but it got wiped during the format and now I’d just need to format it to ndef again to make it phone-readable?

Don’t touch it for at least a week. x series are notoriously finnicky during the initial swelling phase and the M1 gen2 is easily susceptible to bricking.

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The tough thing about the xM1 “magic mifare” chip is that the mifare “classic” 1k S50 chip that it is emulating is not NFC compliant, so only certain phones with NXP reader chips inside can work with it… and the way it puts data on the chip is a pseudo standard created by NXP, not an NFC Forum official “NFC Type”. If you are really interested in working with the xM1 then you probably should invest in a proxmark3

the xM1 is a gen1a… but yes, still chinese black magic… still can be bricked if not careful… proxmark3 is the recommendation.

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This swelling could be a LARGE part of the problem.

The key word in your statement is ALMOST.

Therfore you can read it, therefore not bricked.
It’s a gen1, so unlikely anyway.

Just give it a week or so

and like Amal said if you want to really know what’s going on, grab a ProxMark3

(HAHA, I just re-read read my post. What a waste of time, I just recycled what Amal and Axolotl said
So yeah… What they said)

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Ah right, I thought it was the gen2 given that he was trying with his phone :sweat_smile:

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Thanks a lot for the feedback guys. I’ll stop screwing around with my phone and get the Proxmark as you’ve suggested. Anyway, swelling isn’t that bad honestly and I just got the chip to work again! So apparently the problem was with that formatting option in NFC Tools Pro. Luckily I’ve had a dump of the chip in Mifare Classic Tool and I’ve managed to write that dump back into the chip. Now it works properly and reads without hassle!