Found Small Safe for NExT

I’ve been using Prime to purchase handgun safes and see if they work with the T5577 in my NExT. I’ve returned the safes that don’t. lol

I found this Secustar safe that works well with my NExT after performing a small amount of modification. Amazon had a 50% off coupon a couple days ago. This made it only $30.

The safe uses EM4100 tags, similar to the Hornady Rapid safes. The button cover wasn’t allowing me to get a good reading on my NExT. I was able to easily pull the button cover off by unscrewing 2 screws on the inside of the safe. (Same as the Hornady.) I then unscrewed 4 screws to gain access to the RFID antenna. The antenna was attached via a 2 pin JST type connector. I drilled a small hole into the button pad and fed the antenna connector through the hole. I then assembled everything back together and used 3M double-sided tape to attach the antenna to the top of the same.

The safe now opens up quickly with my NExT. I don’t have to move my hand to a specific position and I don’t have to completely touch the antenna.

I do like this safe better than the Hornady Rapid I purchased a few years ago. The antenna is much better, the safe is quieter, and there is a small light on the inside of the safe. The quality and thickness seem to be about the same. I do wish the lock was better. It just uses a simple double-sided key. I might try and switch the lock out later. It will still keep my kids and wife out. haha